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Updated on September 10, 2011

Every action has a cause, based on thinking. When we start thinking and take decision, it turns into action. So every thing depends on us, what we want to achieve, we desire the same, think accordingly and then attain.

Basically there are only two prime areas of thinking:

a) Material thinking

b) Divine thinking.

And nothing as such third one. All come under these two categories, what so ever we think. Thus if a person believes that happiness is in world, he will rush towards material things. And as soon as he realizes the reality behind the material happiness he starts his journey of happiness in divine field. So broadly we have two types of meditation to be understood.

a) Material meditation

b) Devotional meditation

Normally if we are in deep thinking we are doing meditation itself. So indirectly each one of us do meditation when concentrating towards our subject irrespective of it being material or spiritual, for the completion of project.


There could be two categories that are doing material meditation.

a) Those who don’t want to feel God and busy with sensual gratification, name, fame etc.

b) Those who believe in God but want his blessings to increase there worldly pleasures, believing that this will lead them to real happiness

These people do meditation or worship God to receive worldly richness. They are only aware of his nature of merciful ness, and totally unaware of his blissful nature. If a person has no aim to attain divinity, then there is no argue with his devotional improvement or purification of heart with ultimately realizes the real happiness. And so his meditation and worship to which he is inclined intensely turn only to be material, leading to three errors in his pleasure and keep his dissatisfaction alive.

As he never knows the origin of happiness he never had made that decision to go for real happiness and so fall only for material gratification and pleasures, as we all know that we all are striving towards same goal of attaining the happiness. So it’s our nature to have happiness and with that greed we go anywhere and fall often.


Every kind of effort in meditation done with any greed of return and no feeling of surrender towards God lead to material happiness only. The intellectual meditation is also material, or just limited if not surrender to God, sacrificing real happiness.

But when a person consciously thinks of God and feels him is devotional meditation. Now this thinking could be of two types

a) Intellectual meditation

b) Affectional meditation

The thought which is governed by our ego, called to be intellectual thinking, while when the thoughts influenced by our emotions pre considering some kind of object/person on the imaginary mental plane, called to be affectional thinking.

To get a clear picture of this whole understanding we must know something about our mind. How our mind is being formed and what are its characteristics and nature.


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    • moneycop profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from JABALPUR

      thanks aman

    • amanthkr01 profile image

      Aman Thakur 

      6 years ago from India

      Really very interesting topic to read. Waiting for some more from your pen.

    • moneycop profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from JABALPUR

      thanks! Lady_E just busy these days to write more...soon i will be writing of highlighted parts in this post.

    • Lady_E profile image


      7 years ago from London, UK

      Very interesting. Healthy for the mind.


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