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Updated on August 3, 2017

Psychotherapy Topics for Creative Personalities and Seekers of Self-Growth

by Helen Borel, Ph.D.

PSYCH NEW YORK has been created so I can disseminate timely behavioral medicine news, emerging psychiatric and neuroscience research developments, and discussions of various psychotherapy methods related to emotional health, creativity development, interpersonal relationships, and career aspirations - to the large numbers of people seeking to learn about and understand these and related subjects.

I intend to present this usually highly complex subject matter in readily understandable English...with every effort being made to avoid unnecessary medicalese and academic psychiatric or psychoanalytic jargon. Where the latter is not feasible, parenthetical English translations or an accompanying glossary will be provided.

Emotional Struggles in the Big Apple

New York City is the hub of outstanding healthcare, including emotional health care - as well as being the hub of the creative arts. And, as everyone in America knows, Manhattan (aka "The Big Apple") is a strong magnet for artistic, talented personalities of every stripe and genre.

The creative process and struggles that artistic types like actors, writers, musicians, dancers, painters, etc....and even inventive scientists...experience is too often little understood by family, friends and "day-job" employers. PSYCH NEW YORK will tackle these issues to help this hub's visitors deal with their unique daily challenges - as well as explaining varied mental health conditions that may be impacting their lives.

Not everything that feels distressing, of course, is a "mental illness." Experiences such as loss, grief, stage fright, anticipation of a new event, a relationship break-up, writer's block, and so forth, are not illnesses even though they make you feel feelings ranging from frustration to considerable anxiety and emotional pain. So, in PSYCH NEW YORK, I'll be discussing how you can deal with these feelings so you can succeed in your personal growth, in your relationships, and in your chosen career.

Visitors to PSYCH NEW YORK should know that my education and clinical background amply qualify me to write about this subject matter. I'm a healthcare professional with a Masters degree in Creative Writing; widely published as a medical/psychiatric/Rx drug writer, in addition to my published diverse literary writings including poetry, book review columns, short fiction, and satire.

Combined with my PhD in Psychoanalytic studies, I have a deep interest in the creative process and its healing effects on the artist, on the artist's audience, and on society at large.

My whole life is devoted to my creativity research, my psychotherapy patients, and my writing. Situated in Manhattan, I have the advantage of contact with some of the most interesting people in the world, where I enthusiastically help them confront their life challenges, heal from these, and move on swiftly to full Self-confidence, to fulfilling relationships, and to success in attaining desired job and career goals.

For more information about creativity, emotional health, or psychotherapy, email me at:



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    • profile image

      Dr. Helen Borel 

      9 years ago

      Dear Mrs. Lieberman: Thank you for taking the time to comment. However, I never think of anyone, nor of any of my patients as "ordinary people." Everyone is unique. No, it's not my experience as both a writer myself and in helping creative folks with their emotional issues, that they are any more in need of "strokes" than everyone else. Creative personalities are only different in the talent they possess and they are often unhappy when they are not using their gifts. When they are able to fully express their art, they feel better. Because of this fact, I encourage creative expression in artistic people.

      Also, I think most people are aware that psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are not about "stroking" or flattering patients. It's about dealing with often severe symptoms like depression, grief, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, love loss, career blocks, childhood abuse, alcoholism, relationship and communication problems, marital discord, and so forth.

      In regard to "psychoanalytic fees" that you feel are out of reach of most people -- I agree with that. Fortuitously, and I believe you are aware of this, In my New York City practice, I do not charge exhorbitant, nor high, nor even moderately high fees. (Wealthy or well-paid patients with insurance coverage can and do pay a regular fee because their insurer covers most of it for them.) But THE MAJORITY OF MY PATIENTS PAY ON A LOW FEE SCALE, and they get to choose the fee they can afford from that scale. I promise you there is no way I can get rich from this kind of generosity on my part.

      In my particular practice, most such patients choose a fee from my range that is fair to both my skills and expertise and their real financial circumstances. However, this is not always the case because some patients who can afford more, still opt for the lowest fee on the scale. Nevertheless, I always honor my promise that these patients can choose the fee "they feel they can afford" with the caveat that when their finances improve they will voluntarily raise the fee somewhat -- out of fairness and to give me the opportunity to offer the same low-fee break to others needing therapy who can't afford much.

      So, I make it a practice to help many different kinds of people who need my psychotherapeutic help (and who seek my Manhattan-based psych services from, not only NYC, but from Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey and as far away as Philadelphia - on weekends) without regard to how much or how little they can pay. I don't turn away people because they seek private therapy but can only afford clinic-scale fees. I only have one requirement: They must be sincere about wanting to improve their lives, their relationships, and their happiness levels and must be committed to their own Self-growth.

      If you wish to communicate with me further, contact me at: Thanks again for commenting. Dr. Borel

    • profile image

      Leila Lieberman 

      9 years ago

      I wonder if it had ever occurred to you that these "creative types" just may be more egocentric than us "ordinary" people. They need strokes and ego satisfaction at an abnormal level and they have the money to pay you and other psycholanylists to do that stroking. If they were poor they would have to just maike do.


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