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PWD ID for Psoriasis in Bacolod City

Updated on December 2, 2016

I have Psoriasis since May 2013. I just have recently known that Psoriasis is considered a disability. I have a friend who encouraged me to get a PWD ID since it can help me save on medicines and such because of the discounts it x. I am very hesitant at first because I am having a hard time accepting that I am a disable person. But in 4 years of having suffered from this illness, I am bit by bit feeling that I am really one.With that in mind I ask a friend of mine to get me a copy of the application form from Bacolod City Hall (old building). I have the form with me for more than a month now but I haven't had the time to process it because of my busy schedule.
Finally, I went there today. My friend told me to go the the Office of the Senior Citizen (OSCA) because that is where the PWD office is also located. I went there with high hopes that I will get approved but when I walked in the person en-charge wasn't around and someone from OSCA asks me to return after a few hours. So I went to some shops and do window shopping first to kill time.
When I returned after maybe an hour and a half, I am glad that there are someone who can help me with my concerns.

A markerbacolod city -
Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines
get directions

The officer there looked at my application form and told me that they cannot process my application first until I am approved by a government-employed doctor. He also told me that they are having some difficulties identifying what group my kind of illness belongs. He said that they received a lot of complaints from PWD Id holders and pharmacies who would not allow discounts.
I think they are becoming too strict when it comes to who can avail it.
He told me that if a doctor from City Health Office approves my application and sign my form, I can return to them and process my application with them.
I am planning to go to CHO tomorrow morning and meet with Dr. Vergara, who will maybe make a check up on me. I am really hoping that I can get that PWD ID beacuse it can help me lower my medical expenses.
I will keep you posted. Let's see what happens.


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