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Pack your bags with this essentials to fight summer

Updated on April 29, 2016

Summers have arrived so in order to give a good fight to the heat get yourself equipped with the follwing stuff.

Many of us have used umbrellas only when rains to safeguard yourself from getting wet but very few of us use it to stay away from harsh summer sunshine. Using dark coloured umbrella especially the black one while going out on a hot summer day helps to shield you from more than 90 percent of the sunrays which also means that it shields you from harmful ultraviolet rays. It can prevent you from skin tanning and other skin problems caused by sunrays. So it's also advisable to go out with umbrella to shield from sunshine and we can even use foldable pocket sized umbrella if any hardship is faced while carrying it.

Deodorant is an everyday essential for most of us as it prevents sweating and wetness. It acts as a barrier to odour keeping you smelling fresh and live the whole day. Some of the deodorants comes with amazing fragrance so it can also act as an alternative to perfumes. Going out on a get together or on a date the soothing fragrance of deodorant can make your way as nobody wants to be close to a stinking person. Don't worry about losing the fragrance in a short time as it sticks close to skin and generally lasts longer.

Antiperspirants control sweat and body odour by preventing sweat reaching the skin surface and reducing the bacteria that causes body odour via antimicrobial ingredients. Many antiperspirants products contain oils to soothe and soften the skin. It comes in many forms such as spray, cream, gel and roll-ons. One can easily get antiperspirant in nearby local stores and is soothing touch provides relief from underarm sweat, so you no more have to worry about wearing t-shirts as such, as you will be getting rid of underarm sweats causing your t-shirt to get wet.

Sunscreen takes care of your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays which tend to damage the skin. It's recommended to apply sunscreen 10-15 minutes before stepping out in the sun so that your body gets ample time to soak the sunscreen, thereby protecting you from the UV rays of the Sun. It's recommended to buy the sunscreen which compliments the type of skin you have such as dry, normal our oily skin. Also check the SPF denomination mentioned on the pack and choose the one which is compatible with the climate of your region. While the higher definition such as 50++ is beneficial if you are out in the Sun for a longer period and 30++ can be used normal sitiations.

Talcum Powder
Talcum powder is mainly used to keep onselves active and fresh as it gives relief from the heightened temperature during summers ans over working sweat glands. It's helps to prevent moisture, control odour and keeps skin smooth and fresh. It gives relief to irritated skin and prevents chafing and body rashes. The soothing fragrance of powder also keeps you live all day long and best thing is that it's gentle on skin. It's also a main element in summer make-up as it is light on skin, gives a glowing effect and acts as a concealer.

Antiseptic liquids
Specially during these hot summers, it becomes important for all of us to make sure that our skin is healthy and infection-free. Antiseptic liquids generally gets absorbed easily on skin leaving it smooth, healthy and protected. You can use few drops of it in your bath water and get rid of germs the whole day. One such commonly used antiseptic liquid is Suthol manufactured by G D Pharmaceuticals. The antiseptic liquid comes in a green transparent bottle with a mild fragrance.

Water bottle
In order to be hydrated during summers its necessary that we take in good amount of water. While going out we can carry a water bottle with us which comes many varieties so that we can get cold water easily. We can also carry home made juices in water bottles and enjoy it when outdoors.

Light apparels
During summers try wearing light cotton apparels which are gentle on skin and keeps its cool. The apparels shouldn't be of bright colour rather it should be of very light colour which can reflect the sunrays keeping the body temperature low. Also try wearing full sleeve shirts as it protects your skin from direct sunlight.


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