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Pad Guide Part 3: Building A Prominent Stash & Best Places to Purchase

Updated on January 25, 2016

Where to Purchase

Etsy Shops






Lunapads – a big name company that has many products, including lunapanties.

Gladrags – they are similar to lunapads but the construction of the pad is actually very different. I haven’t bought from them yet but plan to in the future.

Treehugger – this is a family brand that focuses on helping the environment as well.

Pinklemonadeshop – They started out as an etsy shop and now have their own store and website.

Where do you think the best pads are sold?

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Different Ways To Build


The best way to get a stash right away is to buy a kit. Gladrags offers kits for those starting out. It depends on what you want and how heavy your flow typically is. They have so many value kits you should browse and pick what you need or can afford.

I would recommend getting the cloth pad sampler kit because it has the different sizes and absorbency they offer.

There are kits from etsy shops as well for instance CozyFolk have some kits. I love CozyFolks kits because of the variety in which they are offered. They even have postpartum kits for the heaviness that comes after having a child.


Buy what you can when you can. I would recommend buying heavy pads and then moving to lighter ones. Pinklemonadeshop offers kits that are much cheaper and have only two to three pads in them. I would suggest that as a starting point.

I did the slow-stash method and bought two pads at a time with a month or two between each purchase. I eventually slowed down on my purchasing after getting to a certain number of pads. Once I hit my number, which was how many pads I use in a two-day period, I shopped less because I could use cloth pads my whole cycle with that number of pads.

Things to consider when buying:

Material – make sure to check the material in case it’s not organic and you prefer that. There are pads that are made with minky material, which is very soft but gets hot and can feel much different then cotton.

Also if you decide to shop on Ebay, which I don’t recommend, make sure the pads aren’t lumpy. They should be flat and easy to curve into your underwear.

Can you wash your pads regularly? Do you have a washer and dryer in your house?

If not, refer to my previous guide where I talk more in detail about washing the pad by hand so you are not dependent on the washing machine. I also talk about how to take care of your pad before putting it in your dirty laundry if you prefer to use a washing machine.

Length - I have a habit of crossing my legs when I sit which squeezes the pad at the top. I get longer pads so I can line them up higher. Make sure to check the length for something you are comfortable with buying. Think about how you sleep; if it’s on your back you should get the longer pads so you don’t have any accidents.

My Recommendations


Their pads are wonderful. They have so many lengths for you to buy and the absorbency is great. Their pads also are easy to remove stains from because of the cloth that she uses on the outside. I thought I was terrible at removing stains until I found these pads and realized that it really depends on what material your pad is made of. I buy from this store all the time and will continue to do so until they close down.


I just recently purchased pads and a pair of lunapanties from this company. I haven’t tried them yet but I will be trying them this month. The reason I would suggest them is because of the charity work they do along with their products. The other major pad companies do not have underwear like they do. It is one of the reasons I am super excited to try them out.


I have bought one of their wet dray bags before and it is great. It is in good shape still and I have washed it once in the washing machine. It came out still usable and no damage. I want to get another, smaller wet bag from them in the future because I had such great success with them currently.


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