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Pain Control

Updated on October 20, 2015

I Care About Your Pain


It Starts When We're Young

I recall a lot of moments when I was a small child getting hurt. I tipped over bicycles, fell down and got scrapes on my knees and elbows Fell out of trees and knocked my breath out. Knocking your wind out of your lungs is a bad feeling. You cannot breathe and you find that you cannot figure out how to get air back into your lungs.

Then, all of a sudden, you can breathe again.

Our bodies are designed for pain. When we get an injury, our body goes into shock. We don't retain much memory of the event. When we're kids, and we get a bump or bruise, there is nothing more comforting than a kiss from mommy or grandma to 'make it better."

Adrenalin Bursts

Our bodies are designed to run away if we're physically threatened. Our body perceives a danger and our, is it the endocrine gland? dumps out adrenalin and we get a turbo charged burst of power to escape whatever ancient aggravation we face.

Thank goodness for endorphins. Endorphins are our natural, pain relievers that are built into our bodies. Endorphins compare to getting a morphine shot.

There is a natural method of increasing your endorphins. Yes. It's called a hug and it stimulates endorphins.

Unnatural Methods of Pain Control

The following have become so common and used daily that a person forgets that they are an unnatural pain reliever.

My family uses tylenol and ibupropen and baby aspirin and tramadol and all of these come with a certain amount of side effects. Unfortunately, some of the side effects include pain.

What a vicious circle. You take a pain reliever to relieve pain and its withdrawal side effect is pain. What a crock!

Sometimes Stretching Helps

I find that sometimes when I am working, my feet start to hurt. The balls of my feet start to ache and my heels sttart to feel like someone is hitting them with a hammer. Plus, the tips of my toes start to feel like someone is pinching them.

The only thing that relieves all of this, is to lift up my foot and let it just hang there I like to roll my ankle and foot in the air. It stretches some of the muscles in my calf and when I finish stretching my foot, my whole leg tingles and it feels better for a bit.

Breathing Helps Too

Sometimes, when you feel pain, simply breathing in and out will relax the offending muscles and will actually relieve some of the pain from tense muscles.

"My stomach is in a knot" some will say. It's a vicious circle, once again. Your stomach hurts, you get tense. Then you feel tense, then your stomach hurts again.

Don't Forget to Hydrate

Drink plenty of water when you feel pain. You could be experiencing a slight amount of dehydration which could add to your physical pain.

Carpal Tunnel

A heads up. Be aware that they are treating Carpal Tunnel with forearm exercise, and no surgery and they have been successful. Julie Donnelly has been successfully treating Carpal Tunnel for years.

No surgery.

Diabetes and Gout

Apparently, if you have diabetes or gout, you will have some pain in your feet. Diabetes causes your feet to have poor circulation and gout increases the amount of uric acid crystals in your body which build up in your joints and cause pain.

I have heard that baking soda water or coffee does help in reducing the effects of gout. I don't know if it is effective but just passing on the information that I have.

How About You

Do you have a favored method of pain control?

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Julie Donnelly and Pain Control


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