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Stop Suffering. See the Miracles of Children

Updated on March 30, 2012

Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Is Optional

Since I’ve been writing this blog, I've gotten lots of kind responses. I share my musings via the social media, for whatever that is. I’m not a fan of Facebook, as I have a hard time being interested in things like “just ate a taco! Yum” I really want to return post stuff like “picked my toenails and ate the toe jam! OOHH Doggy!”

I started this writing journey in order to plant seeds of hope in those who live in lands as hard as steel. Anyway, today I’m reading Facebook instead of picking my toenails. While so engaged, I read a message from a person decrying the hopeless morass of morale that will infect public school employees now that unions have been broken. I was there. I get it. That which I thought made me a person, was taken from me when my union died.

Has anyone heard of the Buddhist paramita of patience? Now I have VERY limited understanding of Buddhist teaching, but I have learned that this virtue relates to patience, forbearance, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and allowing. This sounds so Christian. So Choice Theory. So Bluegrass.

How does this paramita relate to moral morass? Or did I mean morale morass? Can you say 9.1% unemployment? Can you say 60% or so unemployment in many minority communities?

As you read this, are you currently employed? Healthy enough to be employed? You obviously are wealthy enough to own a computer. Are you pondering these words in Libya while waiting for the next shots? Or are you safely tucked in with Dr. Phil, Jerry Springer and the other sage talk show hosts.

When the kids, your customers, come through the door after Labor Day, what business will you be in? Please promise that it is the business of saving children’s’ lives. You are all they have! Kindly have acceptance for difference. The greatest cultural shift this country had ever seen prior to the Tea Partyers, flourished because people of difference refused to bend over when the 'man' was trying to keep them enslaved. I ask God, Allah, Great Spirit or_________ take you pick, fill in the blank, that you are given patience. All things change. All things pass.

Your customers, your kids, only have one first grade year. One fifth grade year. One senior year. You have only one year to save them from ignorance- and I am not referring to readin’, writin’ and rithmetic.

All you control is how you deal with information. Do you hurt? I know hurt. Do you sad? I know sad. Do you grieve? So do I.

You can control what you think about, so have hope and think hope and be hope. Things change. Remember- the future is now. Live it.

this kid may be the kid who has to work extra hard at math

which side are you on?
which side are you on?

Pass the good word and play banjos!

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