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Pain Killer and it's side affect

Updated on December 29, 2011

Pain Killer and Side effect

With today's professional medical enhancements, suffering in any type can now be prevented or reduced. With the medication medication, this is possible once absorbed. Hoping to offer some relief, this type of medication sometimes becomes a addiction and not truly seeking of treating the real cause of the suffering.

Pain murders or scientifically known as medications, are a group of medication created to reduce different body cramping including frustration and muscles and joint problems. These medication functions in different ways in the side-line and central anxious systems, preventing the suffering receptors in your body from delivering chemicals (pain signals) to the mind. There are two kinds of medication, drugs and non-narcotic medications.

Aspirin and tylenol are kinds of non-narcotic medications, with ingredients composed mostly of advil and acetaminophen. Negative results of non-narcotic medications are light and controllable. Although beneficial for nausea, soreness and other body cramping, this medications are still associated with various aspect results.

Narcotic medication on the other hand are very dangerous when applied inappropriately and may create lasting body harm or even death. Morphine and opium are some of the kinds of this medication and are widely used for surgery and accidents. This medications reacts on specific receptors in the mind and the back to ease the suffering and reduce any emotional response to suffering.

Common aspect results of both narcotic and non-narcotic medications.

* Kidney harm
* Ulcer
* Liver harm
* Kidney Malfunction
* Allergies
* Tinnitus
* Drop in blood pressure

Is medication really needed? I think it depends on the situation. If you will go through some professional medical evaluation or treatment, medications are very necessary. But if you are just going to use it for your regular muscles cramping, frustration or nausea, it is better to let the indicators go away naturally than using medications.

Taking advantage of the body's natural reaction and defense process against suffering causing conditions are good for your body. It will make you less susceptible to many medication aspect results and will help you avoid medication addiction.

To get the right serving and medication prescription for your body cramping, always seek advice from a professional doctor for proper advice. On the other hand, seek advice from the indicators you are experiencing because it is best to treat the cause of the suffering than just making yourself defense from the suffering. Use medication correctly or your body will pay the price eventually!


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