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Breathing Helps to Relax Me for Stress Relief

Updated on November 27, 2015

Quick Fixes


Why I Feel Pain

Pain is nothing new. From day one, there has been pain for a lot of different reasons. When I feel hungry, my stomach hurts. I put food in my mouth and soon, my stomach pain subsides. It returns again in a few hours, but for now, I feel better.

I bump myself on objects, and I feel pain. Sometimes, I bump myself so hard that I break open a blood vessel and soon, the location of the injury has a pool of blood under my skin. I expect it. I call it a bruise. After a while, the blood changes color. First red, black and then, yellow. Then, the spot is then clear again.

I expect these types of pain. They are normal

As I Age The Pain is Extreme

Yes. As I age, the pain gets more intolerable. I still feel pain when I am hungry. I feel pain when I hurt myself. I feel pain when I eat foods that do not digest well. You know the feeling: you mix foods that just don't agree and your intestines must stretch with the gas and bloating. This hurts. Sometimes you know that you're going to have pressure that relieves itself by air expelling from your body.

All normal.

Emotions Cause Certain Pains

Sometimes, when I am tense and I encounter a situation that causes me to react quickly, I feel pain in my back. Sometimes, the pain is in my neck. Sometimes, in my shoulder. These pains are caused by tension.

If I stretch my muscles, the pain seems to be relieved. If I have a sore foot or sore toe, generally my pain is in the back of my lower leg. Pointing my foot and turning it so much leg muscles stretch relieves much of my leg pain.

If the side of my foot hurts, turning my foot in a circle and intensely stretching the foot up and back does feel much better

I have to remember to breathe. A long breath in and hold for a few seconds does make my body relax.

Feeling Heavy and Relaxed

Sometimes, I sit on a short stool and just let my arms hang loose. They feel heavier and heavier and then I lean forward and stretch my back. Everything seems to stretch and I feel a certain amount of relief.

My feet feel better to have my weight gone for that moment.

Breathing seems to be the key to relaxing. Deep, long, steady breaths.

Neck Pain

Sometimes, when I have neck pain, I have to stretch my back muscles using my arms. I put my hands together palms down with my fingers bent at the knuckle. I raise my arms up and over my head and listen for the cracking noises that occur in my neck and back.

It feels good because it's stretching. I hold my hands together behind my head and arch my back. I can feel the muscles reacting and stretching.

Now I sit here and my muscles are just tingling. It feels good.

Relax Individual Areas

Is my foot tense foot. Let it droop. Is my back tense? Relax my hips. I feel some pain in my lower back. Well, I did carry some objects that were heavy and awkward. I suppose the muscles are stressed out. These pains will pass once the muscle is relaxed.

For my lower back, I move my shoulders forward one at a time and hold. I feel the muscles in my mid back stretching. It feels tight. Now, the other shoulder forward. Mid back seems a little tight in the right side.

Stretch backwards. Right shoulder sore, so I move my head to the left and stretch my neck muscles.

Now, droop shoulders. Let my body feel all heavy. Breathe.

I feel like a lump but other than a little burning feeling in my lower back by my hip, I feel pain free.

Bend elbows, place next to waist and turn body left and right. Oh, wow. My back just cracked in two spots.

I just had a chill go through my arms. Brrrrr! Shake my neck left and right. Oh. Legs are getting a chill. Wiggle feet. Hips relax. Stretch back. Relax.

Ok. Time to hit the showers.

Yep - A Shower is Next

A warm shower would feel good right now. Relaxing.

How About You

Did you relax with me?

See results

Quick Fixes are Temporary

Just as you don't expect the food you eat right now to make your stomach pains go away forever, likewise, the pain medication you use won't make your pain stay away forever either.

You will need to change how you act and what you are doing.

Let your body relax. Some people go to yoga. This is for teaching yourself to stop moving. Stretch and relax. The key to pain relief is to stop causing the tension that causes the pain. You may have damage and muscles that will need more than one day to heal.

Be patient.


Learning to Listen

When you learn to listen, you stop moving. You are quiet. Your ears are waiting for the next sound. You hear the noise and you interpret the sound. Feel with your ears.

Softly breathe. Listen to your body when you move. Do you hear anything? Do you hear cracking? Popping? Squeaking?


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    • firstcookbooklady profile image

      Char Milbrett 2 years ago from Minnesota

      Catherine, I know the feeling. I have been using Deep Heating Rub on my feet and we bought an Inline Stretch bench from some online catalog. Somedays, I feel fine, but others.. I feel like that girl in the princess and the pea story... 26 mattresses and one pea, and I can feel it... ugh..[smile]

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 2 years ago from Orlando Florida

      Pain does increase with age. Right now I have pain in my feet. My friend said it is because of compression of disks in the spine affect the nerves that go to the feet.

    • kbdressman profile image

      kbdressman 2 years ago from Harlem, New York

      There's an episode in the third season of Grey's anatomy in which a child who has a genetic disorder that keeps her from feeling pain comes to the ER to get stitches. By the end of the episode, the viewer realizes the laceration she went to the ER for is the least of her worries. Most of us find ourselves wishing pain would end on a regular basis, but how awful would it be if all pain went away! It's a catch-22. We need pain to communicate our body's needs to us. We just have to learn to manage pain and in the process, manage the needs of our bodies. (Or is that reversed...) Anyway, thanks for a great hub!