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Painkillers – The Silent Killer

Updated on March 27, 2016

Do You Use Painkillers when you suffer from pain?

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Most of us have experienced pain in our lives, be it stomach pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, back ache etc. And when we suffer in pain, the very first solution which comes up in our mind is to have a “Pain Killer”.

But do you know how harmful painkiller can be? What painkillers can do to your body? What are the side-effects of having painkillers?

Most of us are unaware of the wide range of problems which painkillers can bring to us. Here we share how people get used to painkillers and what one can do to avoid getting used to painkillers!

Heavy Bags can cause Lower Back Pain.

Common Causes of Pain

The most vulnerable targets of pain in our body are - muscles, joints and bones.

Following are common reasons of pain :

  • Pain is the symptom of most of the diseases/illness.

  • Even After physical illness/problem cures, pain can continue due to psychological reasons.

  • Sleeping on Bad Mattress Can Cause Pain.

  • Sitting for long hours can cause Lower Back Pain.

  • Neuropathic Pain can occur due to Diabetes.

  • Burning can cause pain.

  • Improper Posture or Excessive Physical Exercise can cause muscle pains.

  • Weight Lifting can cause hand pain.

  • Holding heavy bags can cause Lower Back Pain.

  • Foot pain can occur as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes or heels.

  • Being Overweight can cause a variety of pains ranging from backaches, leg pain, joint pains, foot pain etc.

  • Lack of oral hygiene can cause tooth aches.

  • Various problems in reproductive or urinary systems can cause Pelvic Pain (Pain in Lower Abdomen and Pelvis). In Female some reasons of pelvic pain are STDs, nerve conditions, kidney problems, menstrual cramps, uterine cancer, miscarriage, ovulation etc.

  • Aging can cause knee pain or other joint pains.

Neuropathic Pain can occur due to Diabetes.

Sleeping On Bad Mattress & Bad Posture Can Cause Lower Back Pain!

Do You Know?

Too much consumption of painkillers or other drugs can lead to damage of your organs like Kidney Failure, Liver Damage, Lung Collapse and can double the risk of heart attacks!

Why People Get Used To Painkillers?

  • A person can become physically dependent on painkillers if he/she consumes excessive painkillers.

  • If we consume lots of drugs, our body adapts to the presence of drugs inside us. In long run, our body can become tolerant towards such drugs which makes us increase drugs dosage to get the same effect.

  • Painkillers temporarily helps us in getting pain relief and does no good in curing the pain. It is just like other drugs, which can become addictive due to continuous adaptation by our body and hence we have to take more painkillers to get relief from the pain.

  • Sometimes doctor tells you that only time can heal the pain and that not even physiotherapists can help. Then to cope with the pain you start having pain killers and the cycle of getting temporary solution starts.

It's like a routine that the growing population pops on painkillers like a candy to kill the pain they are suffering from.

Does Painkiller Solve the Purpose? Well Yes, It does on a short note but only in exchange of loads of pain, which you can also term as side effects for future.

Every House Has A Painkiller Specialist!

Almost everywhere today, virtually we have an almost doctor in every house that too a 'pain killer specialist'. The referral comes like the following:

Case 1 : Problem of one of any family member - “Having a stomach ache? Having pain in chest?"

Solution by a house doctor - "Oh! Must be gastric! Have this painkiller! The pain will vanish within 10 minutes.”

Case 2 : Problem - “I am having a headache."

Solution by a house doctor - "No worries, take this painkiller tablet, it's good for headache.”

And so on... continues every time we have any kind of pain problem, this painkiller is a word of majorities mouth.

But What makes the situation worse for us? These drugs/painkillers can be brought from medical stores without any prescription needed. This freedom is acting in a wrong way as people are misusing the power to buy painkillers without prescription.

Also it is important to note that even though painkillers might give you temporary relief from pain but they have many risks associated with them. So both risks and benefits should be considered carefully before these painkillers are prescribed.

Problems Associated With Consumption Of Painkillers

  • Bigger is not always better! The larger quantity of intake of these painkillers over a specific period of time will result to side effects way more than our imagination like kidney damage, liver damage, lung collapse, stomach cramps, strokes etc.

What Are The Better Possible Alternatives?

  • Many doctors suggest that, to treat the common and minor ailments ( back pain, headache etc. ) even the prescriptive pain killers should not be your first choice.
  • One should go for alternatives like physiotherapy, exercise, yoga, home remedies, etc in the initial stage but only 'once or twice only'.
  • If the alternative methods are not working in a limited duration which is not more that a day or two, then do not delay any further to consult a doctor or specialist.

Here is a list of better possible alternatives than painkillers:

Note: Do not continue trying out these alternatives if you are unable to see the positive result within a day or two.

1. Yoga & Meditation:

  • There is a growing interest we can notice among Indians in the field of wellness & rejuvenation. The breathing exercises and meditation do not take away the pain in just a blink of an eye but it lowers the suffering/pain by reducing anxiety and depression.

2. Medicinal Alternatives:

  • Medicines can be considered as a rare or last resort alternative to opt for over the counter medicine we usually keep in stock at home like paracetamol, aspirin, etc. in lowest possible dose on a prescriptive basis by a doctor only, if the patient shows improvement.

3. Hot & Cold Technique

The application of heat and cold is a good alternative remedy to cure the pain. The rule of the thumb is as follows:

  • Apply ice (I.e. ice packs or a towel dipped in cold water) in a swollen inflamed injury. It's better to act on the spot or else within 48 hrs of the injury.

  • Use Hot water (i.e. a hot water bottle or a towel dipped in hot water) on injuries which are old for about a day or more or which are chronic or recurrent pain.

4. Home Remedies

One can try various home remedies to relieve pain by using cloves, turmeric powder, chilli pepper, ginger, garlic, fish, yogurt, oats, salt, peppermint, honey etc.

Sports Injury Acupuncture Treatment
Sports Injury Acupuncture Treatment

5. Acupuncture

  • With its origin in China, acupuncture is done to relieve pain by pressing the points of source of pain in our body.
  • Needles are commonly used to perform Acupuncture.
  • It is done to balance the natural pathways of energy flow in our body.
  • Serotonin (a feel good neurotransmitter chemical) is released as a result of pressing these points in our body which helps in curing pain.

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