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Painless Dentistry

Updated on October 19, 2011

Does painless dentistry exist ?

Does painless dentistry actually exist? I'm not convinced.

I'm one of those people who have always had an inbuilt fear of the dentist. I'm not sure exactly when it started but I do remember my school dentist being pretty errr basic so I suspect it stems from there.

To cut a long story shory, for most of my life I have avoided dentists but as anyone who has done that knows, you pay for it later and need much more work doing than if you had kept up regular check up appointments.

Better Dental Anaesthetic

So that's where I am now and every time I go I get really fearful that I am going to be in agony, yet, I rarely am. I put some of this down to better anaesthetic though I have no evidence of that.

There is little doubt though that dentists are much more aware now and practise minimal invasive dentistry where no more than actually needs doing is done, leaving as much of the original tooth impact as possible.

Even with this though, painless dentistry just seems a pipe dream for many who simply can't bring themselves to visit a dentist let alone for a voluntary smile makeover!

Thankfully many dentists now offer dental sedation which unlike the dental gas of old, actually allows the patient to remain awake during the procedure yet in a very relaxed state.

Difficult though it may be to accept, whilst completly painless dentistry may be a little way off, the pain will be much less if regular visits are kept up, sedation dentistry or not.


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