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Pakistan with Covid-19 SOPs.

Updated on June 5, 2020

Article on Pakistan with Covid-19 SOPs

As the number of cases being rising everyday Pakistan is now with more then 85 Thousand Covid-19 cases with more then 1700 deaths till now. The number of infected patients and death toll is increasing day by day but are people of Pakistan cooperating with SOPs. The answer is No. Government had no other choice then lifting the lockdown because of the majority public who earn wages to support there family daily. But not only that all other businesses including gyms, shopping malls, markets are all coming back to normal but where are the SOPs? As a matter of fact majority of the people working in markets refuses to use face mask when I asked one of the shopkeeper that why are you not wearing a mask his reply was that " People come to shop for a hour or two while wearing a mask but we staying here all day we can't wear mask it's irritating for us". Some shopkeepers say that they are suffering from other medical problems which results in difficulty in breathing while wearing a mask. But not only shopkeeper even the general public is not following the SOPs they're not maintaining distance neither using any mask or gloves. With the number of 85 Thousand infected patients a country with a lot of unemployment and poverty people are still not using SOPs which can result in strict lockdown again with tough penalties. Government has also announced 500 Rupee fine to those who will be without a mask. But is the country being lockdown again possible ? The answer is yes if people will not start following the SOPs which will give a spike in Coronavirus Patients the government will be left with no choice then implementing a Lockdown maybe with tougher penalties. As a matter of fact some illiterate people denies that there is CORONAVIRUS. Many people are believing in myths which are totally wrong and misleading people are also using some home remedies for prevention of Coronavirus some of which have serious side effects. But what’s the solution for all the problems ? If people start acting smart use proper SOPs given by the government then there will be no harm things will get better poverty may decrease employments may begin. If today from this very second we won’t start following the SOPs I’m afraid that day might come when there will be another Lockdown. Of government has eased things for us why can’t we ease things for government why we won’t wear mask keep distance until there will be a fine for it. Our Prime Minster took the decision of easing Lockdown by viewing the economic condition of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan. We agree that many small medium and large scales business have been disturbed due to Coronavirus but if we won’t follow SOPs they might get even more disturbed. Wearing a mask wearing gloves using hand sanitizer keeping distance is the easiest thing we can do as a nation to fight against Coronavirus and not only Coronavirus by following the proper SOPs we’re also fighting against poverty and unemployment. Using proper SOPs from today will lead us to healthier It’s time for all of us as one nation to follow the SOPs given by government and forget all the myths the misleading and fight against Coronavirus smartly. We’re in a smart lockdown with regular business activities and we shall fight against this disease smartly or the results could be horrific and things can go even worse as they are now. More stuck overseas Pakistanis are coming back we need to be well prepared for anything with SOPs. Even Eid ul Adha is almost here and many people who are involved in life stock animals business will travel from city to city especially Lahore and Karachi which can cause a rapid growth in Coronavirus cases. Now it’s in our hand either we do what’s wrong and end up with chaos or follow the SOPs of government and secure our and our country heathy future.


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