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Panacea for Healthy Living

Updated on August 26, 2020
ARUN KANTI profile image

Hi,welcome to my Hubpages profile. I am Arun Kanti Chatterjee and live in Kolkata. My mission is to share experiences etched on my memory.

The Healthy cab man

Meeting the Poor Yet Healthy Man

I was looking for a taxi to take my wife to the family physician. After a long wait I could trace a vacant cab but there was no driver in it. I searched frantically as we needed an urgent consultation with the physician. I briskly walked up to the nearby shops to enquire about the cabman who I thought was in search of a restaurant. A strongly built young man in his forties with a clean shaven face and smartly attired waved at me. As the man was found to be busy I inched forward and when I was confirmed that he was the driver I asked him to take us to the chamber immediately when he said “Look I am now taking my breakfast. Wait a jiffy and I shall go soon”. Finding no other alternative I decided to wait and watch how the man was so busy then. He was eating handmade bread with vegetables and fruit neatly kept in a lunch box. The only thing he took from the shop was tea and that too specially made.

Walk For A Fuller Life

A Healthy Life Style

As he occupied his seat in the car he switched on the stereo to listen to the ever green songs and began his journey again. I felt enticed to ask him “Why don’t you take your food easily from the shops instead of making such special elaborate arrangements”. His face lit up and he replied “Look I may be a driver working for not less than 15-16 hours daily but I have learnt how to maintain my health and keep fit. So I make my own food in my house, neatly pack them and eat during the trips. I also keep enough water so that I do not have to drink outside. Further I keep sufficient stock of biscuits. I do deep breathing exercise regularly and avoid smoking or drinking alcohol" I was totally stunned by his pragmatic choice to take only healthy food and discard fast food and impure water by all means.

Inclination to Learn But Family Members Defy

As my wife was listening to such conversation with rapt attention she chipped in “So your wife must be very busy preparing your special food before you set out for work”. “Not at all, Madam. My wife and daughter are very much against my choice. They insist that I should take food available in the shops without having any qualms about them. They all love fast food and want me to join their brigade as the practice though expensive means a lot of saving in terms of time and physical labour. When I return home at night and wish to take rest and eat homemade food they like me instead to visit the nearby market and fetch readymade foodstuff, very crispy and mouthwatering for them but very injurious to health.”. When my wife asked him again “Why don’t you teach them the good habits and how to live healthily:” he grimaced clearly when he said “I have spoken to them in details but they are not interested in such lectures. Actually they are learning these bad habits from their association with like minded house wives and girls who will only repent when they will contract diseases.” At this I again inquired without hinting at his academic qualifications ''How have you learnt such good lifestyle and practices when you don’t appear to have much time to read books or periodicals . But he took that seriously and replied “Do you think only books and degrees make one a very educated and learned person? I have dropped out before entering college but have gathered a lot by mixing with educated persons like you. I carry large number of commuters daily of which many are well versed in different subjects. My job is to silently listen to their wise words. When two physicians discuss how we indulge in unhealthy practices I actually benefit from such educative discourse after all. Further when they argue over any subject I can have an idea of different opinions on the matter and I am enriched without having to unnecessarily join in such arguments. But time has come when I am now confident to debate on any subject. Only yesterday I heard two teachers discussing how to teach English at home. I tried to bring home the idea to my daughter who vehemently opposed telling me to mind my own business as I am not fit to give them such advice. But what they missed in the process of such stern refusal is the idea I had wished to convey and the subject which I think is very useful. While knowing full well that cigarette smoking is injurious to health why should I indulge in such a bad habit?

Pranayama For Health


Need for Minimum Good Habits

While giving compliments to the poor driver I began to think over the social menace that is affecting every part of the globe as men and women are in general not very conscious about their health and want to defy salutary advices from their elders. The sad result is poor health and untimely death after being affected by a number of ailments. The sooner they are prepared to take such good advice the better for them and the society. Without dwelling much on the rift among the family members over the choice of food I have tried to pin point the main areas where the attention of us is lacking:

  1. Regular medical check up to ensure that there’s is no major health problem. Even if there remains any possibility its early detection might help in arresting aggravation and cure.

  2. Intake of healthy food in time and avoiding junk food as far as possible. Leaning too much on spicy tasty fast food might prove fatal in the long run.

  3. Getting rid of smoking habit.

  4. Avoiding too much of wine, red meat

  5. Regular physical exercise like walking, yoga. Pranayama etc

  6. Sufficient sleep

  7. Hobbies to enjoy life fully.

Although there are other good habits to follow for a very healthy regime it may not be possible for some people to go through all these regularly. But one should try to adhere to the beneficial habits as far as feasible to keep fit and lead precious life in a healthy way and fight off diseases easily.

Reverting again to the taxi driver if he can manage to avoid junk food and lead a normal healthy life enjoying undisturbed sleep without any tension why cannot we give a thought to our personal health matters and take a few essential measures so that we can enjoy life fully and do not fall prey to diseases easily?

You Tube


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