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Panadol & Paracetamol

Updated on May 12, 2011

Panadol and Pain Relief

Here is a question I was recently asked on one of my hubs, in an attempt to answer it I suggested the person tried taking Panadol caplets since this always helps me. The answer received a thumbs up so I decided to write a hub with other similar 'quick fixes' for pain relief.

I have such a sore throat that it's keeping me awake at night. Been going on for 5 days and have taken Azithromycin. Is there anything else to take?

Although many people will say that these pain relief methods are not cures, many people require fast relief for their busy lifestyles and there are no known long term Panadol side effects. The only short term side effect to be noted with Panadol is a skin rash and this is in a small percentage of people on rare occasions.

Photo courtesy of gusilu

Paracetamol 500mg

Panadol is made up of 500mg of Paracetamol, however it is a brand and you are guaranteed the quality that comes with Glaxo Smith Kline pharmaceuticals. Panadol seems to be preffered by people seeking relief from fever and swelling and Nurofen for headaches and pain, however, both claim to ease suffering from all of these symptoms.

Nurofen is in fact made up of Ibuprofen and is a different medicine altogether but both can be prescribed over the counter without a doctors recommendation.

These medicines are a lot more expensive than regular Paracetamol and above is a photograph of the 'value health' Paracetamol 500mg that I buy for minor hangovers, these can be bought at any shop for as little as 15p and I recommend the expensive stuff only for severe pain.

Photo courtesy of dm-set

Paracetamol & Aspirin

Paracetamol is recommended by scientists for children because drugs such as Asprin have been known to cause Reye's syndrome to children with viral illnesses, Reye's symdrome can cause fatal effects to many bodily organs including the brain and liver. Paracetamol also does not irritate the lining of the stomach as reported by adults in many cases.

I have also suggested many different techniques for easing muscular pain through external methods in the Amazon capsules to the right, some which I have tried myself. The Deep heat and Deep freeze creams are particularly effective at relieving aches and pains on the go, you can carry a tube or aerosol but be careful not to apply too much because it can cause inflamation and also smells very strong!

Photo courtesy of whatleydude


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