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No More Panic or Anxiety Attacks

Updated on December 18, 2012

Stopping Panic Attacks

The following information is intended for people who have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and have panic attacks or sometimes referred to as anxiety attacks as a part of this disorder. Panic attacks/anxiety attacks are not the same as anxiety disorder. Recovering from anxiety disorder takes life changes of learning new techniques to manage stress.

The symptoms listed below can be caused by serious medical conditions. If you have not been diagnosed by a medical professional, seek help immediately.

Symptoms of Panic Attacks:

  • Sense of overwhelming fear
  • Sense of dying
  • Sense you can’t swallow food
  • Sense of feeling faint or weak
  • Sense of Hyperventilation (can’t get a breath of fresh air)
  • Sense of fast heart beat or heart palpitations
  • Sense of going crazy
  • Sense of lightheartedness
  • Sense of wanting to flee or escape places
  • Sense of something in your throat (rubber ball effect)

Panic attacks can last for a few minutes up to several hours. But for many people, the attacks come back and they live through the horror over and over again. This is a quality of life changing condition. The fear of not knowing when and where another attack will happen limits your life style. Others opt out for drugs to stop the attacks but this also limits their quality of life. Most people are embarrassed by these attacks and do not talk about them to others. They suffer silently.

What causes panic attacks? In laymen terms:

The brain creates distractions when a person does not want to think about something. Unfortunately, they are not even aware this is happening. The brain causes distractions with the use of fear. Why, the experts have not figured that one out yet but I think it is because it is our most powerful feeling.

The good news, there is a simple technique that can make the attacks stop!

When an attack starts, sit down and tell yourself the following:

“ I allow this feeling to happen, it is only my brain creating a distraction and it will not make me go crazy or die, it will pass.

Do this every time you have an attack no matter how frightening. Write the words down on a card and keep them close to you. Read the words to yourself (out loud or silent) during every attack-- whether you believe it or not does not matter. Children old enough to understand the words can also use this method as long as they have been diagnosed by a doctor to be suffering from panic attacks/anxiety attacks. You may keep repeating the words over and over until the attacks stops but it is not necessary to repeat them more than once. It is important to realize the attack will pass, just let it happen. Take a few deep breaths, if you feel like you a swimming under water or just can't get a good breath you are hyperventilating which is perfectly alright. This will not kill you either. It is the panic attack causing this. Just intertwine your fingers tightly together (forming a pocket or a cup) and put them around you lips. Make sure your fingers fit around your mouth securely to keep restrict air. Breath in and out of the pocket you created with you fingers. Do this several times and you will eventually get a good breath.

Eventually the brain will realize this diversion is not effective and it will stop creating the attacks. I personally have used this method and have not had a panic attack in two years. It is possible and I believe you can do it also. You just need to keep trying, it will work.


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    6 years ago


    Great hub with excellent "combat" instruction!

    I'll share it!


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