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Panic Attacks are Nothing to Laugh About

Updated on November 7, 2014
Ask questions about your medications, it is your right to know.
Ask questions about your medications, it is your right to know.

Traditional Antianxiety Medication versus Holistic Remedies

Men, Women and Children Can have a Panic Attack at Anytime

Who wants to deal with sickness, vomiting and diarrhea? Taking a medication to alleviate an illness or disease process is likely to cause these three side effects, in addition to other side effects.

One condition that came to my mind was the little understood condition called Panic attacks. Panic attacks can come about through stress to the body. Many people are aware of the stresses in their life, but few understand what is happening when the stress has gone array. Any person under stress can have a panic attack or anxiety and not know why. Panic attacks or anxiety attacks make no difference if male, female or child.

Medical knowledge makes no difference when a panic attack hits. I had never had a panic attack, and I was clueless as to why I was feeling as I felt. I had no answers, even though I was a nurse.

Panic Attacks Occur for Unknown Reasons

I was getting over a bout of bronchitis. In the middle of the night, I experienced a wicked headache, took two Acetaminophen, and went back to bed. In about 30 minutes, my heart started to race.

The best way I can relate this feeling is sheer unknown, fear of my own home, and I needed to get outside as quickly as possible. It is a flight or fight feeling. I felt I wanted to run outside and not stop. I did not care if we had a foot of snow and it was -6 degrees. A person cannot usually identify the fear or from where it comes.

These feelings escalated, and I called by allergy doctor at 3:00 AM who, in turn brushed off these feelings and said he would call in a prescription for Valium, in the morning.

My primary doctor was a Holistic M.D. about 45 minutes from home. I was able to go and see him first thing in the morning. I had to drive on the highway and was in a state of fear so had to drive about 5 miles, pull to the side of the road, relax and get on the highway again. I had to baby step it to the doctors office. The highway was frightening to me, and this was something different.

When I finally arrived at the doctor's office, he gently smiled and said, "The stress in a person's life can build up to the point that a panic attack can occur.

He said he was going to give me a holistic remedy to take when I felt the fear starting. I could take it every two hours. I really did not believe this would do anything.

I took this medicine before getting on the highway for back home and it took all side effects of panic away, it was amazing, and best of all this holistic remedy had no bad side effects.

Read up on the side effects of Valium sometime, it is enough to scare the daylights out of a person. That drug was not for me. At any rate, the symptoms immediately disappeared. It was an incredible remedy, with immediate response.

This remedy eliminated all signs and symptoms of anxiety. It was so successful that I researched it and found that the doctor had given me Strychnine!

Holistic or Traditional Medicine is Sometimes a No Brainer

This is when I first learned the concept of remedies and how they work on the body. I returned to the doctor in a week to follow up and I told him I found out I was taking. I told him that he had prescribed for me a known poison. He smiled and said, "I see you are feeling and looking better, and you have been doing your homework.

He explained to me about holistic remedies and the purpose behind a remedy. I needed this remedy off and on for about three weeks, and then more infrequently. I continued to have stress in nursing, but job stress is going to be with me no matter where I work, so I had to learn how to handle the stress.

Panic attacks can hit anyone at anytime and anywhere due to anything.

Never again in the last 10-20 years did I suffer from panic attacks or anxiety. Remedies will last forever if kept in their bottle in a dark cool place. I always keep the remedy with me, but I have never needed to use it again. It is precautionary to carry it with me.

In my opinion, Holistic remedies are a valuable addition to a wellness plan. Holistic remedies can compliment traditional medications. However, never take a remedy unless you know what you are doing, sometimes a remedy is contraindicated with medications you may be taking, including over-the-counter medicines, so consult your doctor first.

You are a Valuable Commodity, Make Sure Your Doctor Takes Time with You

When my allergy doctor said he would write me a prescription for Valium, and brushed me off, I never went back to see him again. I know what Valium is, I know what it does, and it was not what I needed or would ever agree to take. I needed some answers and I was being pushed aside with a sedative.

If he did not have time to speak with me, I could not make time in my day to see him, anymore. I feel that each individual must take action for their own health and well-being and not leave these issues solely up to the doctor.

I believe that all patients are entitled to be a team with their doctor and any other medical professionals they are in need of in order to have a say in their health and well-being.

What it has come to today is everyone must be responsible for his or her own health.


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