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Parasitic Cleansing

Updated on February 20, 2010

Parasitic Cleansing

It seems hard to believe, but approximately 90% of us will be infected with parasites at some point during our lives. This sounds like a scary and unavoidable statistic!

Fortunately, though, there are ways to do parasitic cleansing that can rid our bodies of these pests. By doing so, we are killing parasites and their eggs.

The best parasitic cleansing products contain herbs like wormwood, black walnut hulls, garlic and cloves. These are the more effective treatments against parasites.

Parasites start in the colon and intestines. Sometimes they are detected through our stool.
But, parasites can live in our large intestines for years without being detected. The parasites that are most likely to infect humans are roundworms, giardia, pinworms (aka threadworms),
hookworms, tapeworms and flukes.

Roundworms infect 25% of the population worldwide. They can grow up to 15 inches inside of the intestines. The scary thing is that they can lay as many as 300,000 eggs in one day.
Once larvae has hatched, it will take only a couple of months for them to reproduce. Symptoms of hookworms include flu like symptoms and abdominal pain.

Pinworms mostly infect children, with over 500 million being infected at any given time.
Symptoms of pinworms are an itchy anus. Once the symptoms appear, the pinworms have been around for a couple of months. If one family member has been infected with pinworms, it is a good idea for all family members to treat themselves for parasite infection to ensure that they are completely removed and do not reinfect.

Giardia is a waterborne parasite. It is immune to chlorinated water and has a life span of about 2 months in cold water. It is protected by a hard shell which makes it difficult to kill. You could become infected by giardia if you swallow contaminated water which might be found in swimming pools, fountains, hot tubs, lakes, ponds or rivers. Other ways to contract giardia is by eating uncooked foods or from soiled diapers, dirty bathroom fixtures or toys. Symptoms start to show up about a week after infection and may start with diarrhea.

Schistosoma are blood vessel parasites. They are not commonly found in the US but the World Health Organization considers them second only to Malaria as the biggest danger to society. They live in blood vessels. Their eggs pass through urine and feces. Normally, they are contracted from water that has been contaminated. They live in open bodies of water. When they come into contact with a human, they burrow into the skin. After penetrating the skin they begin to mature and then migrate to the liver and lungs, then moving to other organs in the body. Symptoms of schistosomiasis include fever, chills and possibly a cough.

Tapeworms are the largest parasites. When mature, they can be over 20 feet long. Tapeworm infection generally happens when you eat meat that has not been cooked throughly.

None of these parasites is pleasant nor welcome in our systems! Definitely consider parasitic cleansing when you suspect parasites. It is a good idea to see a health care practitioner if you are concerned that you may be infected.


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