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Paris Jackson’s Possible Suicide Attempt: What This Teaches Us About Fame and Fortune

Updated on June 5, 2013

Paris Jackson Talks About Her Dad Michael Jackson

She’s a billion dollar girl with a million problems. Although money isn’t one of her them, the problem that I’ll share in this post is the most important. No amount money can buy this and I’m not talking about love either, you’ll need to read on to find out.


Paris Jackson Talks To Oprah About Her Dad

Death and Dying

The death of a loved one has a way of turning your life upside down, even moreso if its your father or mother that dies. Believe me, I know. I lost my mom’s physical body to death two days before Christmas in 2009, and I haven’t gotten over. I won’t either. No one can convince me otherwise, and those that do can keep their opinions to themselves. I’ll hear you, but I won’t listen despite your noble intentions.

Grief is personal. There are no rules to it. Everyone is different; therefore, everyone will grieve differently. That’s why when people say, “they have no words,” believe them. Words are powerful, but not strong enough to cure a grieving heart especially when the heart grieves an important love one like a parent, spouse or child.

Unless you’ve lost a parent that you truly loved and one that truly loved you, you don’t know what it feels like to roam the earth alone without that one person that unquestionably gives a darn if you stub your toe, had a lousy day or missed an opportunity.


Paris Jackson Shares Beauty Tips

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop And Somebody’s Daddy

I can imagine that is what Paris is feeling right now. Her father, Michael Jackson was a pop star to all of her, but in her eyes he was her Superstar. She is his only daughter. Paris is daddy’s little girl.

If you have or are somebody’s “little girl” or “little boy” then you know just knowing that you are and hearing those words warms your soul, but how do you feel when you are not?

Do you see what I mean?

She was the apple of his eye, and now he’s gone. She walks alone.

I know some may say things these below:

  • She has billions and has nothing to worry about.
  • She has the Jackson family.
  • She has her brothers.
  • She has a mother.

No person, no place, nothing can replace the hole in her heart and mind that her father filled.

If you ever lost someone you truly love to then you know;

Death is untimely.

Death is hard on those of us left behind.

Death does not play fair. If death played fair, we’d all be on the starting lines ready to go when the death whistle blew, but most of the time, we are living our lives doing something else not that paying any attention to that unwelcome whistle.

Paris Jackson with her mother, Debbie Rowe at AEG Trial

Paris Jackson on Bullying

Wanting To Give Up

TMZ has reported that Paris Jackson tried to commit suicide today. Some may take pity, others won’t. Some people would rip themselves out of their owns skins to jump into her life, but they have not had to walk in her shoes.

The Million Dollar Life Lesson

Fame and fortune won’t make you happy, but peace, love and harmony will. Happiness is our major purpose in life. Sadly, Paris has not found this. It is my hope and prayer that she does because from my view, that is why Michael kept his children sheltered from the mayhem and madness of Hollywood and celebrity. He wanted them to be happy because obviously, like a lot of rich and famous Michael himself was not happy.

My prayers are with Paris. May she find peace, love and harmony so she can hold true happiness in her heart and enjoy the billions that her daddy earned for his children.

Now, it's your turn:

How do you cope with death and dying of a loved one?

What would say to Paris Jackson if you had an opportunity?


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