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Living With Parkinson's Disease

Updated on September 22, 2009

My name is Dianne and this is my story. After having multiple symptoms for two years, I finally went to my family doctor who sent me to a Neurologist. My symptoms at that time were very mild. They included a tremor in my right hand and foot, lack of swing in my right arm and a slight limp..

I was 46 years old when diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. At that time I thought It's not that bad, I can fight this. "Boy was I wrong".

Here I am eleven years later and can hardly move,.I never dreamed something like this would happen to me. PD has effected every area of my life.

Socially, PD keeps me from eating out in public like I once loved to do.It keeps me from wanting to be.around other people( isolation.)

lose of independence.Having to depend on someone else just for normal every day things, like getting dressed and cleaning my house, from brushing my teeth to putting on my shoes, everything is a struggle for me.

Treatment for PD is medication and exercise. Medication helps me with my tremors but does nothing for my stiffness, exercise seems to help the stiffness.

I am not complaining.I am thankful for every minute I spend with my family,.Having.PD has taught me how precious life is..


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      diana guynn 6 years ago

      Thank you for your story. How very much do I understand. You are very fortunate to have a close family & a husband & the love of our loving Lord.Two of my three children live across the country (Calif & Colo.) My daughter I live with recently divorced ,is now dating, trying to go to college etc....All my children are very busy with their lives & rarely call or take time with me. I know they love me. but I'm very a lone, by their not really caring about me.I know in my head that God won't leave me,, but my feelings don't feel that way Diana