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Pascal Robaglia Reveals the Health Secret behind French Herbs

Updated on December 14, 2017
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Pascal Robaglia is a prominent doctor from France and he believes in treating most of the medical disorders with natural ways. In a recent interview Pascal talks about various herbs which can be used or added in our daily meals and helps in treating multiple disorders . Here is the list of five popular French Herbs which can be used by everyone to enhance immunity and promote health.


A widely used herb which can be easily grown in your garden area has a lot of health benefits . The herb has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The herb helps to increase metabolism and promote weight loss. Adding Rosemary to your meals can even help cure problems like PCOS in women. Rosemary is rich in iron and fiber , while iron helps to build red blood cells and fiber helps in keeping you full for longer.


Thyme is most authentic French herb which is used in almost every French cuisine. Thyme is highly useful in treating high blood pressure. Apart from that Thyme also helps in treating problems like cough and cold. Thyme can be eaten raw or it can also be used in meals to avail multiple health benefits which include Colon cancer and yeast infections


Parsley is rich in antioxidants and is miraculous in reducing weight. It has unique essential oils in it which helps to fight cancer and eating parsley on regular basis can even prevent you from getting cancer. Apart from this parsley is highly useful in treating kidney stones and kidney infections. When parsley is consumed on an empty stomach it can help promote weight loss, immunity gain and relief from symptoms of common cold.


Fennel is a tall, grass like herb which is known for its beautiful fragrance and adding taste to dishes. Fennel is excellent source of promoting bone health as it contains large volumes of calcium and vitamin k in it . Fennel also helps in controlling blood pressure , prevents inflammation and it can also help prevent cancer. Regular intake of boiled fennel water can help relieve water retention and may help in weight loss. Premenstrual syndrome can also be treated with fennel.

The spicy –refreshing herb chives is used in most of the French cuisine like soups, eggs , chicken etc. Chives have high amount of vitamin k and can boost bone health . Chives can also help improving arteries plaque as it contains quercetin which helps in lowering blood pressure . Apart from that Chives also help in easing an upset stomach while give a boost to digestion .


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      Frank Atanacio 2 months ago from Shelton

      very interesting and Useful my friend..