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Pass the Cancer Causing Colon Compactor Please...

Updated on May 30, 2012

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Ah summer time, the fresh air! Time at the lake or beach! The smell of barbeque! What could be better? Well, for one thing, not stuffing our faces too often with stuff that is killing us. Don't get me wrong, I like a charbroiled steak as much as the next guy, but when heart disease and cancer runs in the family I have to ask myself, do I like barbeque that much? With that thought I have done some research on how to have a better summer feast without killing myself and I hope these tips will help you as well. This is not an article on not eating meat and not barbequing, but on how to do it smart!


Right, first things first. Charbroiled meat has cancer causing agents in it. Red meat tends to back up your colon like a LA freeway in rush hour after a major accident. While this can be an issue, what makes the issue worse is the choice of sides and how often you eat this fair. The key with this is moderation. Enjoy it when you can, but don't make this a life style.

Here are some tips to keep your summer feasts fun.

1) Don't make the meat the main course

Meat is a side. Sure, enjoy that tenderloin steak, but don't make it the only thing you have on your plate! Considering a variety of meats is also good. Have your bit of beef steak, but why not have some grilled chicken or a tuna steak?

If you just HAVE to let your inner carnivore out then at least give it some variety. If you are aching for a good burger, consider fooling your inner carnivore by mixing in some mushrooms and onions with the meat. Also consider shish kabob. Veggies grill well and you can easily limit your portions without being anal about it.

2) Portion control

As I mentioned above, limit your portions. Focus on filling up the good stuff like salads then savor the not so good stuff as a treat!. By the way, potato salad and macaroni salad is not what I mean here. Green salads are the key! Research has shown that the largest lacking thing in most westerner's diets is dietary fiber. I am not saying you have to chomp oats all day, just get more veggies in there.

Almost every weight loss "diet" (not to be mixed up with your daily choice in food) views vegetables as being neutral to great! As a side note, limit your starchy veggies like corn and potatoes. But for the other stuff, enjoy! A nice summer salad does wonders for your football or volleyball game.


Soda is awful stuff! It leaches nutrients form your body, dehydrates you and backs you up. Don't believe me? Ask your doctor! If it were only the sugar, things would be not so bad, but consider the carbonation, all the chemicals and more. I enjoy a soda now and then, but this goes back to moderation folks! Drink water! Drink water! Drink water! You will be in better shape for it. If you must have a beverage have juice! Heck, even lemonade will do. Soda is a treat and treats are meant to be had OCCASIONALLY!

No, he is not pregnant.
No, he is not pregnant.
Alternative food pyramid
Alternative food pyramid

4) Booze = Gut

I get it. People like a drink while they relax. I don't, but I think anything that makes me dumber than I already am is a bad idea. Still, research has show that large amounts of alcohol combined with high fat & starch diets equals big trouble to your belly and butt!.Here comes the M word again! Moderation!

5) Alternative is just a music form

Try something new! Variety in diet is just as important as balance. Don't limit yourself to the same stuff all the time. Try fish. I know you seafood haters! I HEAR YOU! Gosh, have you ever considered the saying "There is always more fish in the sea." Well, that may have some literal meaning. There are many types of fish and not all of them are "fishy tasting. Tuna and shark steaks are a perfect example. They are actually very nice and meaty. Just saying is all.

Also, here is a little recipe for a nice salad. Try fresh spinach, fresh strawberries (or canned mandarin oranges), those crunchy chow mien things in a can and tossing them together. If you really want a bit of dressing, crush some pepper corns (about 3 tablespoons) and add to a bottle of ranch dressing. Shake and let sit in the fridge overnight. Add a little of the ranch to the salad and you have yourself a very nice salad.

Be open to new things and you may just find something healthy you like (GASP! Is that even possible!?!?!).

I can't harp on this point anymore. Moderation. Focus on the good stuff and enjoy the not so good in smaller portions. Life is to be enjoyed, but don't enjoy yourself to death! Do your body a favor and balance your diet, even when you are celebrating. Your body will thank you!

Now get your butt out there and have a great summer! Live it up and be safe!


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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Wonderful tips. Many of our favorite things are the ones that harm us. Love the way you wrote this article with a sense of humor and a whole lot of information. Up and useful.