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A diet that works without calorie counting: Passive Slimming

Updated on June 21, 2012
A diet that works
A diet that works | Source

Something doesn't add up!

Passive Slimming - it seems a contradiction in terms. After all: dieting is supposed to be difficult, time consuming and take lots of effort and will-power - right?. If you think about it though - there are millions of people who are slim naturally - and they can't all be fitness fanatics or dining on lettuce leaves 3 nights a week. So what's their secret?

Escape the diet boom and bust forever!
Escape the diet boom and bust forever! | Source

Are you in on the secret?

Here's there first bomb shell: why does a diet that just works have to be a secret? A million and one other amazing processes take place completely automatically in your body every single day - all except ideal weight control - You've got to admit it doesn't sound right does it? So what the heck is going on? Why is it that millions of us struggle with our weight and regularly put ourselves through humiliation, depression and heart ache to achieve something which should be taken care of naturally?

I don't buy it!

No! I can hear some of you shouting at the screen: Those of us who are overweight are ignorant, weak willed, greedy or just plain lazy - but I'm afraid I don't buy that either. There's more going on here than meets the eye and it starts with the junk we put in our head - and I'm not talking about junk food.

Are you being "fat farmed" ?

Many of us labour under the misconception that anything worthwhile has to earned - has to be worked for and that solving problems involve hard work. Our first mistake is to think of the excess weight we carry as our problem - it's only the symptom of our problem - and this is what keeps a multi billion dollar diet and weight loss industry in business. Many of these businesses help us address the symptom not the problem and in doing so they ensure we keep coming back for more. The cynical amongst us would they they are "fat farming", the more generous would simply see their efforts as misguided because in trying to help us by addressing the symptom they are trying to break one of the fundamental laws of the universe: cause and effect. The symptom (our excess weight) is the effect, not the cause, and unless you adress the cause you can't hope to remove the unwanted effect. The key is to find a diet that works for us and not the fat farmers.

A simple misunderstanding that sinks millions of diets

It's a bit like someone baling out a boat with a hole in it: the water in the boat is the effect of the hole - sure we can bale for a while and empty the boat, but the moment we stop balling the boat begins to fill again. It's the same with diet plans which don't address the cause of our excess weight. But they do! I hear you cry. A calorie controlled diet..... Yes: you are quite right: a calorie controlled diet is effective - but as millions of failed (perplexed) dieters will tell you: it ain't that simple - which brings us to a second major problem with conventional diets: Remember the work ethic? we solve our problems with hard work and persistence etc etc... We've been conditioned into tackling calorie control the hard way. No pain no gain, when the going gets tough... well, you get the picture.

Give me interesting & fun - not accounting 101!

So what do we do? We hit the books and check how many calories there are in what we eat. Simple right? Sure - but it's incredibly tedious for many of us - we labour under the misguided impression that food should be interesting and fun - not accounting 101 with pasta! Now I know there are many of you who "don't mind" and I dare say there are a few who are actually addicted but the rest of us have got two hopes of this working for us: "Bob" and "No". A diet that works for the rest of us has to be interesting and fun - not accounting 101!

As natural as breathing

So what has this got to do with Passive Slimming? Sitting at the heart of passive slimming is the belief that maintaining your ideal weight should be as natural and effortless, for most of us, as breathing. Sure, we can't control our breath - and there are some great health benefits in doing this, but here's the thing: you don't have to if you don't want to - it pretty much takes care of itself. Similiarly, with a diet, you want one that works in the background to keep you trim.

No mumbo jumbo required!

Is this where we depart into a load of mumbo jumbo about thinking yourself thin? No - this is where we take a look around and notice how most natural things occur - well - naturally - without any particular effort. If we adopt this approach, and resist the urge to dive right in and "manage" our weight and our body it's easier to notice the causes of our excess weight and to tackle these in an easy and gentle manner. If we think of our boat again - with the water sloshing around our feet - if we resist the urge to start right in an bale - we notice the hole were the water is getting in and can plug the leak.

It's the same with focusing on your weight and calorie counting - both are counter productive - and for most of us lead right back to where we started; leaving us a little sadder and and littlle heavier to boot.

The heart of the matter

Passive Slimming offers a way to escape this vicious circle forever. At 47 I suffered a near fatal heart attack and had to radically rethink my diet and exercise routine. I knew had to exercise and I had to lose weight but the traditional route of strenuous exercise and calorie counting just wasn't an option - My health just too fragile for the gym and I knew couldn't count calories - it was just too boring - even if my life depended upon it.

Fortunately for me I discovered Passive Slimming - and I'm pleased to say I have never looked back - I have now been at my ideal weight for nearly two years and I have never counted a calorie and apart for a once a week visit to the gym for 6 weeks as part of my rehabilitation after my heart attack I haven't been in a gym either.


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    • Zebrahut profile image

      Zebrahut 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks very much livingpah2004 - I often say to people that it was a shame it took a heart attack to open my eyes to a much healthier life style - but better late than never!

    • livingpah2004 profile image

      Milli 5 years ago from USA

      I am glad hat you are doing great after your heart attack and taking all the right actions to be healthy. I enjoyed reading this hub. Keep it up! Useful and voted up!