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About My Past Life - Healing the Past

Updated on June 3, 2013

Past lives is a subject that some people would describe as being a load of nonsense and I suppose I used to be one of them until about 4 or 5 years, when during a treatment from my acupuncturist and energy healing friend, I experienced an emotional release from a traumatic episode that occured in my last life. This was totally unexpected and was not something that I had ever experienced before.

Traumatic events in our lives can leave there emotional blueprint in our system and if they are not dealt with at the time, such events will cause behavoural and physical problems or in extreme cases, disease. The very word, dis-ease, is an indication that something is not right.

Medical doctors with their limited perspective will make an assessment of your condition and either give you an operation or prescribe you some medication in the mistaken belief that such actions will keep the condition under control.

Yes, medication may well keep symptoms under control, but they will never get rid of the underlying cause of a condition. If you accept the concept, when everything is in balance, then we simply do not get ill, then illness is a symptom of imbalance, whether it be emotional, spiritual or physical, so when these are brought into balance, the illness will disappear.

Having been to the medical doctor myself on numerous occassions, without success to resolve my conditions, it is my belief, the only way I can resolve my condition is to do alot of inner cleansing.

Sometimes we pick up alot of crap in our lives, whether it be from this or past lives and only by revisting events from the past can illness be truly healed.

Returning to my own experiences of past lives, I found out that I was French and married to an architect who went off with another woman. It was on two occassions that I experienced this traumatic event and this resulted in alot of crying.

Another was too, quite unexpected. During a healing session, I had the overwhelming sensation of wanting to be with my sister, but I have never had a sister and again I cried my eyes out. I reckon I must have been a twin in this life, but she must have died early on.

Until I had experienced such emotional events that were evidently from the past, the concept of past lives I would have never believed in the idea, but I do now. Whilst my condition has not gone away completely, I believe I have another traumatic event to bring to the surface and then I will be truly healed.

Maybe you have a long standing condition that has baffled medical doctors and has not responded to conventional treatment, if so, then maybe there is an underlying cause that has triggered the condition.

Try thinking back to when the condition first manifested itself and see if there was a trigger. You may need a professional practioner to help you or do what I do and trust in your own intuition in selecting the right remedies or treatments for you, afterall, your inner spirit knows how to resolve the issue.

I personally use various different flower and gem remedies that my spirit tells me to take. My acupuncturist friend, taught me the yes/no principle to help select the right remedy for that particular moment in time. When your spirit means yes, your head will nod and when your spirit means no, your head will move from side to side.

He taught me this whilst on one occassion I was talking to him, saying one thing, thinking what I was saying was what I felt was right, but my head was shaking from side to side. So, I was evidently contradicting what my spirit was saying. You can try this on other people and see what their head does in relation to what they are saying, it can be quite revealing.

If the cause of your condition is deep, then the healing process can be long, because there are so many layers to get through, and sometimes they are quite close to the surface, but perservere as the results will be amazing.

Much Love to you all.

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