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Past life dreams – why I believe some of my dreams are in fact past life memories - part 1

Updated on February 5, 2013
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I believe our every day waking life is but one little facet in the multiple facets diamond of who we really are. Our dreams can act as a connection between our present awareness and the other unknown attributes of our Self. And past life memories come to surface in our dreams or by other means when we are ready to own that particular aspects of ourselves.

I was only 14 when my dreams at night time went crazy.

I was still living in Taipei at the time, and the educational system made every teenager into a dull exam machine. During the day, my life was solely focused on studying, but during the night, my skull would burst open and became the backdrop for the most fantastical wonderland.

A Prelude

One night, a very unusual short dream unfold as a prelude to what I would term my “past life dreams”:

In the dream, I am a very young girl about 5 years of age. I am in the middle of a busy night market, where stalls are selling all kinds of food, goods and even little games for entertainment. The spirit is high and joyful.

I soon become attracted to a place so crowded with people, I have to push my way between very tall adults to get to the front. Everyone is staring at a wall with moving images a lot like a movie, except there isn’t a single projector anywhere. A man sees me among the adults and he waves me to the front. I am now standing about 1.5 meters in front of the wall, and I now see clearly a thick white line was drawn by white chalk from the base of the wall to where I now stand.

The man starts to give me instruction. He says, if I want to see my past life, I must stand with my feet parted on either side of the white line. Everyone around me is getting excited and urges me to go ahead and give it a try.

I put my little feet on either side of the white line and look at the wall. Amazingly, images start to appear. I stare at the wall in wonder as my “past life” starts to play in front of my eyes.

This particular dream terminated at this point, only to be followed by a “full length movie” of what I considered my past lives. Those earlier dreams were exceedingly intense and emotional. A dream was a dramatic lifetime. I was only 14, but I would often wake up in the morning full of intense adult emotions of love, hate, anger, remorse or regret.

I will not write about them here, however. Dramatic as they were, I feel they were sensationalized and difficult to prove. Instead, I will write about two past life dreams I had much later that follow an interesting pattern, and the very way they presented themselves convinced me without a doubt of their authenticity (even though still not to the scientific standard obviously).

Have you ever had any past life dreams or memory recall without the help of hypnosis regression?

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Past life dream as a Japanese swordswoman

14th September 2000, Auckland.

In this dream, I am exactly as my real life self and not as an altered dream identity.

I find myself as a single tourist wandering in an un-named country village in Japan. I wander into a lovely little garden with a monument. I walk to a stone wall, that’s only knee high. I sit down against the short stone wall and immediately fall asleep, my neck falls downward very sharply.

Instantly, I am a young Japanese swordswoman. Her face is painted white and her eyebrows are painted really high which makes her face look longer then usual.

I am her and know everything about her life. I know, for instance, how she lost her loving parents at a very young age to corrupt governors, who killed innocent people in order to confiscate their properties and their fortune. I knew how she vowed to revenge her parents and all the people who fell victims to the governors’ power and greed over a stretch of many decades. She sought training as a swordswoman when she was still very young. She became so skilful with her sword and so ruthless in the way she pursued and terminated her enemies, she was a real force to be reckoned.

For years, she had been a thorn on the side of the governors. She targeted only corrupted officials and would upset an execution to save any wrongly accused men and women from knife’s edge. She had killed so many men in high positions, the governors had become exceedingly nervous and raised an entire army in order to capture a single female warrior.

All of these I knew in an instant as my own personal history.

But my dream arrived at the last day of her life.

She realized she was surrounded by large armies of soldiers in all directions. She knew her luck had finally ran out and there was no way she could get out of this village alive. She would not allow herself to die in the hands of the people she despised.

She came to this lovely spot surrounded by trees. She walked to the short stone wall and sat down against it. A picture of serenity.

Out came her long sword. She was very calm. Then with a very swift silent flick of her wrist, the super thin blade has slit her throat. The red line on her white throat was so thin it was nearly invisible at first. Out of habit, she wiped a fingertip lightly over the blade, then brought the fingertip to her lips. She tasted the blood and smiled.

She died straight after, her neck fell sharply forward.

Then in the exact spot, in the exact position, with my head falling sharply forward exactly as the dead warrior woman, I woke up as the tourist, still sitting against the short stone wall.

I slowly get up and look around again with a new eye. I am at the very same spot in the village where the swordswoman chose to die. I suddenly realized, the garden and the monument are in fact in memory of her. She was some sort of local hero.

I walk up to the monument and for the first time I see her name and the year of her birth and death in the 19th century carved in the rock. After a quick calculation I realize that she wasn’t even 20 years old at the time of her death.

Then I woke up. For real.

Some thoughts about why this particular past life resurfaces from my subconscious

Perhaps like many of you, I am always very careful around knives. My particular concern however, is not about hurting myself. I have always worried that I might easily hurt others with the knives. It is like I know the feel too well, the feel when a sharp knife plunge into human flesh. As a result, I never handle knife unless absolutely necessary. When I cook, I never use a chopper (very un-Asian of me), I would always only use a small fruit knife.

At the time of the dream, I had been living in Auckland, New Zealand for over ten years. I hadn’t been in contact of any Japanese books, culture, television or movies so I could say for sure I wasn’t “influenced” in any way. I had stopped flying as a flight attendant for two years at that time, so I wasn’t even in and out of Japanese airports or hotels. I had never before, nor after, dreamed about being a Japanese person again.

It is only after many years, at hindsight, that I could really appreciate the timing of the woman warrior dream.

The dream came to me just before everything went really wrong in my life. My best friend Stacy had killed herself earlier that year. My marriage was starting to go off track as we continued to go on separate paths and it would get so lonely that I needed to hang out with my girlfriends more and more to fend off the loneliness. In one more year, my new best friend would betray me in such a horrible way that I would plummet into a prolonged depression. I would finally get divorced in 2003, which felt more like a new lease in life.

Up to that very patchy point in my life, I had been a very mild, innocent and gentle person. I could never talk back, didn't know how to say 'no' and had never learned to fight in a single argument.

The life as the Japanese swordswoman served to remind me subconsciously that I could be strong. I had been strong once, and I could be again. And I needed every single ounce of that strength to get me through.

A downside, however, is anger. It took me a while to learn to be angry and own my anger. Now, it is as if I had unleash a monster that I had not properly tamed. The Japanese swordswoman was a warrior that fed off anger in order to fuel her power in battle. I, however, am not a swordswoman and my untamed anger quickly became a double edged sword.

From my own experience, I’ve learned that anger is really extreme sadness in disguise. An angry person is really a very sad and hurt person on the inside. The Japanese swordswoman’s anger, even though righteous, eventually led to her own death. Seeking inner peace is far wiser then seeking justice.

Instead of killing my enemies, I need to learn to forgive.

Vera Lin, 2012.

11-years-old recalls past life in detail


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very interesting. I just stumble upon your page and this is the blog I chose to read. It was beautifully written and an interest read. This topic of discussion was always interesting to me. Great read!

    • Briana Faye profile image

      Briana Faye 

      5 years ago from California

      This is really interesting. I've never really given much thought to past life events, but I've often been told I have an "old soul," so theoretically it's been in my mind. It leaves a lot to think about, though. There is such great detail here, wonderful job with this hub.

    • LongTimeMother profile image


      5 years ago from Australia

      That was fascinating. And extremely well written. I will have to follow you now, Violet Flame, and read more of your work. :)

      I rarely watch videos on hubs but after reading your story I was interested to hear the 11 year old's story. That was amazing as well.

      Voted awesome. :)

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 

      5 years ago from North Carolina

      Vera-I found this hub so fascinating. I've been a follower of dreamwork since I was 4 years old and started to remember my dreams. I am closely watching my grandson, age 4, report his vivid dreams to his mother because that was the year I started to do this.

      The main subject here is the issue of past lives, or reincarnation. How can we not have experienced more than one body? The soul survives, the body dies and think we sit on a cloud in heaven is a childish way to think of the soul, in my opinion.

      I've read many accounts of people having difficulty with a particular aspect of their lives only to discover a previous life that ended in a terrifying way, thus leading to this unexplainable fear.

      I was glued to your account of your dream-such detail and wonderful analysis to it. I absolutely loved the remembrance of the Japanese Warrior Woman and how she died and then to discover it was a 'dream' within a dream-what a magnificent account of how well the information and messages are received across time and through our consciousness.

      The video you've added was new information for me and I thank you for sharing it. I'll be sure to buy that book about this young boy. When my oldest granddaughter was about two and my daughter was trying to get her to nap she was not happy with her mom's insistence and told her, "I want my other mommy!" When my daughter asked what she was referring to she replied, "The one with the red hair." My daughter has blonde hair and has always had blonde hair. Fortunately, she is a believer of past lives and has been interested in the subject for many years, so she was not freaked out about that.

      I'm so glad you are writing about these experiences. In my knowledge of myself I was about 12 years old when I told my sister that I had a strong feeling I had been a young, Indian boy in a village before. I could clearly see, even to this day, the image of this 9 or 10 yr old, dirty face, shirtless and barefoot, with brown skin, dark hair and the darkest of brown eyes.

      There are other experiences I've had along the way, as well. Regardless of what others believe or are skeptical of, those who have a deep connection to their dreamwork and other levels of consciousness have an awareness that the cycle of life does not end in one life time.

      Keep up the amazing work, and I wish you well. UP/across except funny and sharing.

      I almost forgot to comment about your '5 year old' past life dream. WOW! That is a wonderful introduction to the world of past lives as a 14 yr old. That must have felt very special. I have had one dream in which my past lives were rolled in front of me very quickly, but it was very impressive, but not in an egoic way.

    • Violet Flame profile imageAUTHOR

      Violet Flame 

      5 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Dear craiglyn,

      sorry for the late reply. I got confused and thought I had answered all my comments :-D

      Yes I have had two past life regression in the past as well, but in my heart of hearts, I seem to give more credit when they (past life memories) come up in my dream in an unequivocal way to directly communicate with me. It's just me though as I seem to have developed a long and trusted relationship with my dreams. They communicate to me, directly or in clear symbols, when they are not just the mumbo jumbo recycling of our daily events.

      I do, however, believe sometimes our past life can come up during waking hours as memory flashes. I have been having some of that recently but they are so much harder to give credit to. And yes, definitely like you described also, in things we tends to love or abhor. It's very interesting the way your hubby were so into Italy and his comment on Roman soldier. I wonder whether you could actually have a telepathic conversation about it, given that beautiful special bond you have with him.

      I am extremely claustrophobic, and it seems to get worse when I get older. When I was still married, when my ex-husband put his heavy arm outside of the duvet which caused the duvet to wrap tightly around my shoulders, I would have this extreme breathless panic! A few years later, I was told that in one life I was buried alive with clothes tightly wrapping around me like a mummy. It just made so much sense. Like you said, who knows?

    • craiglyn profile image


      5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      This is amazing. I have heard of past life regressions - and in fact a friend of mine has had them. But why not through a dream? The spirit of our deceased loved ones can visit us in our dreams; that is one of the many ways that they do let us know they are around. So why should we not be able to revisit one of our past lives that way too. It has also been suggested to me that we should pay attention to things that we either like - or absolutely abhor in our current life, and that can be a hint as to a past life we have had. I.E. My husband was so inthralled with Italy (my background / his British) - he commented once about "sitting on a wall that a Roman soldier had sat on" with such a pleased look on his face - that I have now pondered "he could have been a Roman Soldier in a past life. Who knows?

    • Violet Flame profile imageAUTHOR

      Violet Flame 

      5 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      actually, I was so convinced that it was a past life dream when I woke up, I thought that place in the dream must be a real place in a village somewhere in Japan. Alas, the name and the date on the monument disappears as soon as I woke up, all I can remember is 18 - -.

    • Violet Flame profile imageAUTHOR

      Violet Flame 

      5 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Hi lone77star,

      Thank you so much for reading this, it's great to be able to share it with someone who is equally passionate about spiritual growth. In fact, I do believe that the only reason for a past life memory to surface is purely so we could integrate and grow spiritually.

      It's so funny that you are talking about taking 100% responsibility for our life, as I am researching into Ho'oponopono healing right now, and that's also it's mantra. It's all about healing the unconscious past patterns and memories that might have gone beyond life times. I am going to start using it to heal whatever my unconscious dig up for me in dreams as well. Thank you for hopping in and for your excellent insight!! xoxo

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 

      5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      And beautiful it is!

      The most beautiful aspect of past life remembrance is how much it empowers me. And I say that word "me" cautiously.

      Usually, "me" refers to ego, but ego is vulnerable. Ego is the one who "gets hurt."

      The immortal child of God, within, (soul, true self, Holy Ghost), is the one that is permanent and invulnerable.

      In fact, I've found that viewing life and events from this viewpoint makes it easy to take 100% responsibility (which leaves no room for blame), and allows forgiveness to be effortless and complete -- leaving no burden of resentment to tarnish the rest of one's life.

      Keep up the beautiful growth.

    • Violet Flame profile imageAUTHOR

      Violet Flame 

      5 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      I've been wanting to write this for a very long time. Finally, here it is...


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