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Pat Manocchia: Anatomy of Strength Training, The Five Essential Exercises...

Updated on January 29, 2011

If you had $8000 to spare, you could hire celebrity fitness trainer Pat Manocchia for a year, the man who's believed to have trained Madonna for over eight solid (‘xcuse the pun) years, to whip your body into beautifully meticulous shape.

Alternatively, for a wee fraction of the price, you could order his new book, “Anatomy of Strength Training: The Five Essential Exercises”, from Amazon, and just use the rest of the $8000 to hire a Brad Pitt look-alike for a day or two.


Having trained other celebrities such as NHL player Sean Avery, tennis god John McEnroe, Grammy award-winning gospel/R&B singer BeBe Winans, and intense actor Liam Neeson, it kinda gives a measure of just how good Pat Manocchia must be.

It's been said that Anatomy of Strength Training is the next best thing to having your own fitness instructor in your living room. The book shows you, step by step, the correct ways to exercise, therefore making the physical results more effective and less painful.

The instructions in the book are easy to follow, plus it also shows you how to devise your very own complete exercise plan.

The book brings a fresh element to working out, helping you focus on any problem area/s you may have and achieve an all-round level of health and fitness.


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