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Pathmark Pharmacy Live Better Prescription Drug Discount Plan

Updated on January 31, 2013
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Many people currently do not have prescription insurance coverage so they are avoiding doctor visits, not fillings prescriptions at the pharmacy and they are treating themselves with over the counter products. Well there is good news on the horizon for these individuals. It is called the Live Better prescription discount card. It is discount program designed to lower medication costs by as much as 65% from the cash price - a great benefit for individuals with no regular insurance coverage.

The prescription discount program is administered by A&P and is accepted at all A&P owned pharmacies. These pharmacies include and are not limited to A&P, Pathmark, SupreFresh, Waldbaums, Food Basics and other A&P owned pharmacies. Just to clarify, the Live Better prescription discount card is not the same thing as Live Better Wellness Club.

The Live Better Wellness Club is a program administered at all A&P pharmacies like Pathmark Pharmacy where all generic drugs listed on the plan list are sold for $3.99 per 30 day supply, $9.99 for 90 day supply and $14.99 for select medications. This Live Better Discount Card is purely a discount card much like the AARP Discount card that takes off a percentage from the total cost of a medication.

So if your medication cost $10.00 and you receive the maximum 65% reduction in cost then your copay for the medication becomes $3.50. However as many patients know, the costs of medications are not so low and they tend to be very high. Thus Live Better Wellness Club plan offered at Pathmark pharmacies and A&P Pharmacies are the best option for generic drugs. When medications are not covered by the Live Better Wellness Club plan or if the medication is a brand name drug, then the Live Better Prescription discount card can help cover the cost and reduce the total cost by up to 65%.

The signup for the Live Better prescription discount card is free of charge. All you have to do is fill out your name and your email address and print out the card to present to your pharmacist. Patients can sign up for the card by visiting the plan website and clicking on the bottom right corner banner titled “click here for the free Live Better! Prescription Discount Card.” See the links below for the websites for the generic Live Better Wellness Club plan and the Live Better Discount Plan.

Details of what is exactly covered and how much discount you get on a product can be given to you by the pharmacist when they process your prescription. Bring your discount card printout, prescription and a valid ID to your local Pathmark or A&P affiliated pharmacy and begin saving money on your medications!

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  • Ebey Soman profile image

    Ebey Soman 6 years ago from USA

    With most plans, you can call the 1-800 number on the back of your card to find what percentage you get off for each prescription. Otherwise you can ask a pharmacy to see the difference between cash price and what the price is based upon your discount program.

  • profile image

    habib 6 years ago


    Thank you for your nice information. I like your article.


  • profile image

    Al 6 years ago

    Is there a place to compare drug prices with my RxDrugCard's prices?

  • profile image

    No Insurance 6 years ago

    This plan covers Pets too! 10% extra discounts and free vitamins for kids too! It rocks!!

  • profile image

    thebluearatus 6 years ago

    good review