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Patience is Key

Updated on April 2, 2015

A little patience goes a long way...

In the good ol’ United States of America, we have become accustomed to instant gratification. We do not like, nor have we ever liked, to wait for what we want. Let’s admit it America, we’re just plain spoiled! We’ve been taught how to get what we want, and we’ve also been given tools that help us get what we want faster. As technology advances, people are able to get access to whatever it is that they desire, at an even faster speed. The problem with getting everything so fast is, that we never learn how to wait for what we want. We never learn patience. The fundamental values that we are meant to learn are becoming (virtually) extinct by the advance in technology. If we think about this when it comes to everyday life, we pay more attention to our phones, televisions, stereos, iPod, iPad, you name it, than the substance of life. Those substantial (things) that will hold you over when you're faced with a major tribulations in life are no longer being encouraged. You’re going to need a whole heap of patience along your journey of life. It is better to be equipped than not at all.

Be patient, you never know what opportunity may present itself while you are working towards your goals. I gets hard, I know, going through the monotony of everyday life, but I assure you, patience is key. I can’t rush the process that I am in right now, even though, it is sometimes very uncomfortable. I must admit, as a free-lance writer, it’s all about patience. I have yet to complete my first book, but I know how long it takes to produce a good book, and I’m willing to do that much more to produce a great book. When finances are tight, my husband looks at the revenue it produces NOW. I rub his shoulders to reassure him and say ‘Be patient baby, my day is coming.” He believes in me. I continue on. If I were impatient I would produce a quick, unedited book to the public but I consider that to be disrespectful to my readers. I have to be patient, and if I have to be patient, so do they.

Take your time. Even in relationships. These days you really have to get to know a person before you even allow them to know where you live; especially if you have kids. Do your research on the family, background and tendencies before you go recreating life with someone you hardly even know. Patience is of virtue and believe me, you can’t give kids back. Even with that being said, it is not wise to introduce your child to every man/woman that you date. Some of these brothers are just low down and a lot of these females are plain spiteful. Protect your children. Every person that you date is not THE ONE. Allow yourself time between meeting someone and actually going out on a date with them. Only desperate people rush into things, people who carry a sense of indifference, know that everything is so much better when you take your time and do it right.

Everyone wants that career boost fresh out of school. Reality is, the job market is tough and extremely competitive. In order to make the real money you have to have a degree along with so many years’ experience. Patience is key, there will be semesters where you want to give up, but you have to remember the main goal: Your career and where you desire to be. Elevation comes when you are not expecting it, so remain focused on your main focus and make your mark on life. Everyone has a different path. You can’t look at Sues’ life and say, “I should be where Sue is because I’m just as smart as Sue.” At some point you have to learn how to be happy for Sue, or become humble enough to ask Sue what she did to succeed. We are all running our own race, no matter how fast or slow your pace may be, just remember to never stop moving. If you have patience, you will be sure to make it to see what the end will be.

Just admit it, you’re spoiled and you want everything now. Might I encourage you to be patient? I’ll be the first to tell you a little patience goes a long way. If you can continue to practice patience, it will become like a second nature. The more patient you get throughout life, the more you will be able to understand people and their behavior. Your tolerance for ignorance will change because you know people will be who they are no matter how old they get. Slow down, let life marinate, and figure out what it is you really want. Don’t just rush and settle for the first thing because it’s convenient, be aware of each decision you make. Your time is coming. Your day to shine will be just as you imagined and so much more if you remain focused on your personal goals and continue to grow as an individual. Don’t compare your life with other people’s lives. That’s the most ridiculous thing you can do! This is your (own) life! So live it to the best of your (own) ability! When you’re headed to unlock the door to the next level of your life, remember patience is key.


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    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      3 years ago from Shimla, India

      You're a very genuine writer. I look forward to read more of your posts :)


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