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Extending Compassion and Hope

Updated on June 10, 2016

Extending compassion and hope.

Giving Hope and love
Giving Hope and love | Source

Showing compassion and love

Showing compassion and love to another is the encouragement of giving hope that life still has good in it. This compassion comes in many forms and from those who listen to their heart in reaching out to those in need. In these acts of kindness it is about not what we have but what we can do. When we lift another up we give hope to that person that there is good on this earth and it is not hopeless. So many feel all is hopeless and so give up on human kindness and compassion. But is those who follow their heart and extend hope and compassion that lets them know that hope and compassion are still alive in people! They can see the compassion of the human heart and know there is hope.

Preparing Our Hearts

There is always a need for love and compassion if we just look closely. Allowing our hearts to guide us to see what our analytical minds can not. Our hearts is where our human spirit resides. It is only through love in the human spirit that we are able to see what our mind can not. Let me take you on a journey to where only your heart can fathom why there is compassion and hope needed.Let's take a stroll across our City and take a look. Prepare yourself for some very uneasy and unthinkable sights.

First thing we see is a family rummaging through a dumpster looking for food and personal items to sustain them. Could you ever imagine yourself in their situation? Most likely not. Let's turn the corner here and sitting on the sidewalk we see a young man sitting up against a storefront window with a sign asking for help. We stop and talk with him for a moment to find out why he is in this type of situation. He responds with he ran away from home due to the violence there. We extend a hand and give him a few dollars. The we stroll on across the street where we see a young lady selling herself for money. We walk over but her pimp steps up and ask what is our business. We say we are just wondering how she got into this situation. He runs us off. So we go on down the street until we find a middle aged man sitting on the sidewalk with his dog. He has an angry look on his face. We step up to talk with him and he says he has nothing to say but we persist and he describes how when he got back from war In Iraq that he was shunned by those who he was fighting for and the government would not help him so he was left to survive in the streets. These are just a few examples of what is in need of compassion and hope.

Homeless | Source


As we stroll through our City we are able to see the homeless and some in really poor conditions. Unthinkable conditions. Most of these homeless people are not there by choice but by circumstances that brought them here. There are some who chose addictions over living a real life. Yet they need hope also. Right now we are concentrating on those who are here not by choice of their own. Many were laid off from careers they had. Many left home to escape abusiveness or had a parent walk out on the other parent and so much more, There are many reasons as to why they are here. Now let your heart put yourself in their shoes and see. Not very pretty is it. An unexpected change of circumstances that destroy what you have worked for or what you believed would happen in your life. No roof over your head except maybe a box, dumpster, a bridge or even in a tent if your fortunate. Scrounging for food to feed your children and yourself through dumpsters what's laying on the street or begging. Looking for clothes to replace the ones you wore out or shoes to put on your feet so you do not perish from the elements.You have no more pride left and you have to beg for work to provide for your family or yourself.

Imagine being a teenager who ran away from an abusive parent or sibling.Trying to protect yourself only to find yourself without hope and shelter or having to turn to an unthinkable life to survive. The streets are dark and there seems to be no where to go. You're scared because you are alone and you have never been here before. There are to many things that can happen to you and destroy your life. Entering prostitution, drugs, gangs even losing your life to lack of food, freezing, heat exhaustion or something worse as suicide. How would this make you feel if you knew you had to live this kind of life? Get caught up in a life with a gang which usually only leads to death.


Abuse | Source

Struggling through abuse.

Abuse is every where and even in our homes. Either the spouse is being abused by the other or the child is being abused by one or both the parents or even a sibling. The abuse could range from beatings, verbal, drugs use in the house, sexual assault, starving and so much more. Where are we to turn when we escape with our lives. We could go to law enforcement and yes they are able to help within an extent. What after that? A safe house, foster care. Yes these areas are good at times but what about when they are full, no more room. And sometimes they aren't as safe as they should be. So we are left to depend on ourselves in the street or what? A lot of times this is what happens. These are just some examples of what could make us homeless or just struggle to survive looking for compassion and hope.


Abduction | Source

Being abducted

There are women, young girls and boys and even sometimes men being abducted by others who will sell them to be sex slaves, just slaves or even sell them as adoptions to others. This is a very high traffic area in our lives and it is always going on around us. Who can be safe anymore. Taken to different countries and most of the time they are here right under our eyes and we can not see them. Law enforcement are only able to go so far without help (eyes that see or has seen). Human life is precious. It is not for slavery.


Suicide | Source

Losing life to suicide

Suicide is one of the leading causes of deaths to our children, family and friends all around us. We do not see this because it is hidden from our eyes or we do see and do nothing to help which results in someone looking for a way out. Depression is a real key factor in suicide deaths. There is a link below to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Just click it and it will take you to the website to where it will provide you with the information you are seeking.

Changing their lives

These individuals or families that receive help get a chance to start over and put their lives back on tract, get the help needed by counseling and more. Many can be retrained (educated) for a new careers, life changing skills, rehabs, family restoration and so much more. They can live productive, hopeful, vibrant lives. Giving that young person hope by putting them in school, mediation and counseling to be restored to their family. Giving that elderly person a place to live or repairing their house and getting them involved by giving them something to do so they are able to make it. Getting them the medical attention they need. Giving to that family that needs a helping hand to get them back on their feet. The great things that can be done even by the smallest act is a huge impact to those who receive hope.

Change the World

Bringing Hope and Healing

Bringing Hope and healing.
Bringing Hope and healing. | Source

Reflecting on our Life.

When we reflect on how our lives has turned out, we can look back and see the hand or hands that helped us along the way giving us the hope and confidence we needed in some form or fashion. Every instance is different.This world would be a whole lot more livable and productive because we really do need each other make this earth a livable place. There would be a lot less stress, violence, etc. We had the compassion and hope from others that carried us through life.

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