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Pedometers For Sale-Exercise With Pocket Pedometers

Updated on June 16, 2016

Pedometers For Sale-Exercise Begins With Pocket Pedometers

A long time ago I had a goal to lose weight and get back in shape. At the time that meant I had over 80 pounds to lose. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life - and have ever been since then, too. Having spent a lifetime being in amazing condition from growing up around farming, livestock and parents who insisted that we participate in unending activities, my weight gain was unacceptable to me. I had to investigate the Pedometers For Sale in my city to achieve my final goals.

At the time I didn't know how I was going to accomplish my weight-loss goals, but I was determined and began gathering information about where to start. I knew I didn't want to go to a gym and had tried exercise classes and never stayed with them long enough to feel a difference or notice a size reduction. As a result, my waistline got bigger, I became more lethargic and depressed and simply gave up on anything that meant sweating in front of people.

I didn't want to go to a gym, because I didn't want to be around a group of people who were in great shape. I felt embarrassed. I felt ugly and I felt fat. That's when I decided to begin my weight loss program with walking.

To record my laps on the track, I began by using a bead counting string, which consists of a string with a row of beads on it and you hold it in your palm and move a bead each time I went a lap (a golf stroke counter was what it really was).

The string only held ten beads, so I was quickly looking for an walking pedometer to replace my beaded 'pedometer,' once I graduated to walking past ten laps. Although that time frame seemed to take forever, it only lasted about three weeks.

Pedometers For Sale Help You Make Life-Long Changes

If you are a beginning walker at the most fundamental level and want to start a walking program (or any exercise program) then please get a complete physical first if you need to take these things into consideration:

  • You have not been in any exercise program in one year or more.
  • You have not or are not exercising now and you are over the age of 65 years old.
  • You have heart problems, are pregnant, and have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • You feel pain in your chest when your heart rate is accelerated from exercise or increased activity.
  • You feel dizzy or light headed. This might mean something more serious so don't ignore it and have it checked out.
  • You have any other conditions that might prevent you from completing a walking program.

Be honest with yourself.

Wear comfortable clothes that don't restrict your movements. I began my program during the Spring months and wore comfortable walking shorts and a loose fitting top with a bra top underneath. I bought three of these outfits and a pair of cross training tennis shoes to begin with. The outfits lasted for three sizes smaller as I reduced my weight.

The track next to the house required that I actually get off the couch and go somewhere where I felt comfortable and it forced me to be accountable to a walking schedule. Hence the need for a good pedometer that didn't give me inaccurate readings.

Your step pedometer should not falsely record steps, should be easy to read, not re-set itself on its own, and have a readout on the top of the pedometer for quick reading if you clip it to your waistband or wear it around your neck on a string.

Start walking by using both arms and legs in a walking motion. No matter your walking style, move forward at a pace that isn't a leisurely stroll. You're out to make a difference, so walk a faster pace than a normal mall walk - By the way, malls are great places to go early in the morning on rainy days with a pedometer. Try not to slow down or over stride.

Walk With Your Pocket Pedometer

Pick a pace you can sustain and maintain throughout your walk. For instance, start out with two miles (4 laps on most tracks), examine your progress each week and increase it one lap if you can (or more if you can). A goal that lowers your risk for heart disease, type II diabetes, and breast cancer is to walk seven hours a week.

Don't use wasted motion - Keep your movements fluid and tight. Squeeze your muscles, carry light weights if you are capable. Stay aware of your surroundings if you walk alone. Music iPods will keep you from hearing surrounding noises that might mean your safety is being jeopardized-stay alert.

Habits don't begin until you have spent 21 days doing them so create a goal that you can keep for 21 days and then you'll have a walking habit. Be consistent for best results.

If you start with 15 minutes walking a day then add five minutes a week onto your walk. Get a walking partner to hold you accountable. Make sure they are as interested in their health and using proper technique and equipment as you are. A Chatty Cathy or Boring Ben aren't doing you any favors. Maybe your pocket pedometer has to be your walking partner for awhile.

Congratulations! Never look back - You're not going that way!

Walking Workout-Fitness Pedometers Work Too!

Pedometers For Sale-Exercise With Pocket Pedometers Comments

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    • mwatkins profile image

      mwatkins 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon & Vancouver BC

      HI jblair brown! I am excited and inspired by your testimonial! You did EXACTLY what I did to start a walking program! Tour the kitchen first and throw out ALL the bad foods and replace them with good ones! Mighty congratulations go out to you for 1) Starting a walking program and 2) Setting goals and 3) Increasing your track laps and 4) Your weight loss! I walk everywhere and a tank of gas lasts me about two weeks because of - WALKING. And if there is an escalator or elevator I take the stairs anyway. Keep up the good work! Keep me posted on your progress - I'd love to hear how you are doing! And, lastly, thank you for sharing your exciting story! ;-) Loud applause for you goes here!

    • profile image

      jblair brown 7 years ago

      Just two weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital with chest pains. Turns out my ticker's fine...but I was diagnosed with diabetes AND high blood pressure. (Both run in the family...and the fact that I'm out of shape doesn't help.)

      I made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle: threw out the sugar and salt, loaded up on veggies and (limited) fruit, along with lean meats (mostly boneless chicken) and am eating six small meals daily.

      On the second day after coming out of the hospital I started my walking routine: four times around the track at least four times a week. Yesterday I made my fifth lap (for the first time). Also had my dr's appt and discovered I lost 4 lbs. Needless to say my dr was quite impressed.

      All this is to say: just 26 lbs more and I'll be off my meds for good. Walking definitely IS the best form of exercise. Keep're prob saving lives!

    • mwatkins profile image

      mwatkins 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon & Vancouver BC

      HI Katiem2-thanks for the bicycle riding vote! Walking and bikes go hand in hand. The key is to make it a habit and after 21 days habits are formed! I applaud your enthusiasm for exercise! It's the easiest thing in the world to do and the hardest thing in the word to make time for - sadly ;-)

    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      Now I like this idea and the motivation is a good factor as well. I love walking and yet I like to bike as well. Thanks for the great pedometer products online

    • mwatkins profile image

      mwatkins 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon & Vancouver BC

      Hi Kowality! That's a good way to find out who takes their job seriously and who doesn't! Thanks for the vote of confidence and for the work tip! Having been a supervisor for years, I can see where your tip wold come in handy to other managers and business owners!

    • kowality profile image

      kowality 7 years ago from Everywhere

      This is GREAT, mwatkins! Where I work we often have to send people across the lot to pick up or deliver tools or other items for a movie set. We send people with pedometers to check how far they went compared to how long it takes them. They work amazingly well and when it comes to a layoff, we know who to let go first. Thumbs up!