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Hypnosis is the best solution for weight loss

Updated on July 27, 2011

Hypnosis for weight loss

Why does Mina go off to a health farm, lose weight under supervision, come back to her lifestyle and regain every grain, leveling off at her original weight? Why does an otherwise popular, handsome, successful but overweight Tom, who has been told by his doctors that his chocolates and ice cream desserts, a ‘must’ with him, are not good for him, go on having them? Why is it that pretty teenager Anne, who was strong and chubby child, has not managed to knock off her puppy fat?

A closer look into their failure to lose weight revealed that, Mina returned from Health Farms to her lifestyle of the utter boredom of emerging from her bedroom to the dining table and back. Tom enjoyed and indulged in his desserts to derive the satisfaction he was not getting from the job he was doing. Anne because her mother loves her as her "chubby chick", she was made to understand her charm lay in her plumpness and Anne feared loss of weight would mean loss of her charm. They failed in their weight loss efforts because that is the weight they want to be subconsciously and not the weight they think (consciously) that they want to be. In this battle between the subconscious and the conscious it is usually the former that wins. At dictates of the hidden subconscious, all conscious efforts at losing weight are nullified. When conscious says "stop you've had enough", subconscious says, " no, have some more, you need it, you are happy this way aren't you?” So what is subconscious trying to do for you and why is it behaving this way?

Well then, if it is losing weight that you want, study your subconscious wants. Who really wants the weight loss? Is it you, or is it your doctor, partner, children, friends? Are you trying to lose weight because you are consciously afraid of falling ill, trying to please someone, trying to look like a film star, model or neighbor? If so your diet plans are not likely to work, as the subconscious has its own reasons for not letting you. To the power of the mind is fearfully strong and it has to be reprogrammed if success is to be achieved. When "true feelings" about your weight have been unraveled, the full and positive power of the mind can be applied to the total commitment of weight loss - only this can and will lead you to your goals.

So start by giving yourself this "Laying Bare" test suggested by Xandria K. Williams of the NatureCareSchool in Sydney. Take a sheet of paper and write on top: The reason I want to lose weight is ... list your answers from onwards, asking yourself, your subconscious the reason why.

On another page write: I'm afraid of losing weight because ... and on other sheets list these questions at the top of each page, such as:

... A benefit I get from being overweight is...

...I'm afraid of losing weight because...

... A fear my husband/wife/child/ parent may have if I lose weight is...

... What I may lose if I become slim is...

... I overeat because...

... Food is ... to me

... The way I feel about food is...

... While I am overweight I do not have to fear/face...

... If I become slim I'd have to change...

And so on. The answers will give you a peep into some of the mental blocks to your efforts of loosing weight that you have not been aware of.

Once you know the reasons for wanting or not wanting to lose weight, you have a clearer picture of where you and your subconscious stand. When you've removed all mental blocks through realization, the next move is to set yourself your goal - a very important aspect of weight management. Write down on a chart your ultimate goal of weight loss - X kilos in Y months. Then plot on a graph your desired weekly target weight loss; beside this, plot your actual weekly weight loss. This way your weight loss is not compared with original weight but against weekly targeted weight loss - The subconscious is constantly aware of expected steady weight loss and so the goal is reached. The means of weight loss of course will include diet control, exercise, relaxation, activities that alleviate boredom, cultivation of hobbies, interest and service projects. Intend weight loss and work single mindedly for it...body and mind.


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