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People Need Healing

Updated on May 20, 2018
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.


The system has failed. People are confused as to which way to go to find cure for their confused state and what to do. Governments are busy pussy footing around nuclear weapons and their own little hurt egos that they completely forget what they were hired by the people to do. Large corporations and the banking elites continue to pull the strings at their secret meetings and making decisions for the entire world which most times leads to unnecessary suffrage and pain. It is these same people who own and control the media which spits out false flags, lies, propaganda, and everything which goes against the good nature of humanity. They pour out these illusions and delusions daily which seeps deep into our consciousness and subconsciousness until we begin to act how they want us to act. Basically humanities character is being reprogrammed.

But just like in many computer programs, they become outdated, buggy and needs an upgrade and hence become useless. That is the same way humanity is feeling right now. The program they placed in us has become outdated and full of bugs. People now feel useless and confused. They want to find the direction which will lead them to a natural free state of mind. They want to find that direction which pulls them from the volcano of lies which explodes in their minds daily and placed into the calmness and purity of the waters above the firmament. There is a loud and far cry for healing. A healing that can only take place once we roll the covers off the beds of deception and be willing to accept the truth no matter how scary or hurtful it will be.


Medicinal Healing

How many of you have seen all the reports about the millions of people in Africa suffering from Aids, Ebola, and just about any other disease that can be cooked up in a lab? Do you remember the recent Ebola epidemic which they claimed was from Africa? Do you now that there was no Ebola outbreak and many of these Ebola victims you see lying on the floor in Africa in pain and anguish were people who they paid to act the victim of the disease? Do you know that most of the diseases that has sparked fear in man throughout the ages were all created in labs and then transported to the destination of where they want the disease to originate from? Do you know that AIDS has been cured a long time a go and large medical organisations such involved in the creation of medicines have done some pretty inhumane things to suppress the knowledge of people who want to disseminate the cure for this diseases to the people? They do this for two reasons;

Making Money

  • There are cures for Aids, Cancer Diabetes and just about any ailments known to man. These cures are simple and natural and will not cost much. But if these cures were to be discovered, you would put an enormous dent in the pockets of those in medicine for profit. That my friend will not happen any time soon. Look at it, Doctors will have little to no use if everyone is able to cure themselves with natural items given to us by earth itself.

Population Control

  • Humans are growing and growing fast. The less people you have to deal with the more control you have. This has been an agenda for the Elites for centuries. By not supplying cures for diseases and allowing millions of people to die yearly, this will allow some percentage of population control.

Soul Healing

If you are in tuned to whats happening in the world today you would know that there is a Zombie craze. People seem to be fascinated with the "Living Dead." The lieing Television depicts these creatures as a mindless being which was once human. Zombies on screens are either born when they die and resurrect as a zombie or they turn right away from being bitten by a zombie. The entertainment moguls are simply mocking us humans. They are showing us the state of mind we as humans are in now. They are showing how dumb and unintelligent we are. We don't think for ourselves anymore. We are told what to think by the fake news and advertisements. We are programmed to behave a specific way as to conform to what society deems appropriate and acceptable. This pre-programming of us humans is done to fulfill some sick twisted need of the elites. The people need freedom from the mind control and need the soul to be enlightened once again.

Healing People
Healing People

Dietary Healing

There is a saying that goes you are what you eat. But people think that it means literally that. But let's say that you ate cake, candy and an energy drink for dinner for dinner. That doesn't mean that you are literally a piece of cake, candy or an energy drink. Let us also say that you ate some carrots, beetroot, lettuce and garlic and slices of chicken breast for dinner. That doesn't mean that you are all those items. What it means that if you eat things which will eventually make you ill, such as all those candy cake and sugary drinks, you will become ill and hence we can say you are ill. On the other hand if you ate all the vegetables and had a healthy dinner with the balanced nutrients needed you will be healthy and hence we can say you are healthy. Hence you are what you eat.

Large corporations have done so many bad the human consumer. They place harmful substances in many products we consume destroying the very fabric of our bodies little by little. We need to take a step back, look at what we buy to consume. Read labels and write down names of certain ingredients and research them. It is up to us to heal our own bodies by having a natural dietary intake.

Racial Healing

Skin color, one of the most hated subjects to talk about and one that many have turned a blind eye on simply because they just refuse to acknowledge racial prejudice. But until the color of a man's skin is of no more significant than the color of his eyes there will never be peace, love or understanding among races. Until acknowledgement and compensation has been made to races which were killed, captured, enslaved and devastating atrocities bestowed upon them, then a racial healing will never begin. You cannot meet injustice with injustice. Show racial equality by offering equal rights and of course rightful compensation for racial atrocities. Teach the children of today that racism is ugly and grow up a society of wonderful human beings of tomorrow.

© 2018 Clive Williams


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