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Save a child save them from developing type 2 diabetes.

Updated on February 17, 2010

Is your child at risk?

Type 2 diabetes is a silent killer.

Many people live with this illness for years before they even know they have it.

Man of the complications arising from this disease can be avoided and treated if something is done early enough.

What causes it?

Some but very few people are genetically affected. This group are more often than not followed from an early age as it runs in families.

The group that are in most danger are the people who follow a very relaxed lifestyle, eating to much combined with not exercising enough.

It is frightening to think of how many people were scared for their lives when the swine influenza struck last year. Most people took precautions and guarded themselves and their families from contracting the illness.

Open your eyes, look around you, people are developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes everywhere. It's more or less on a pandemic level too and still people continue to go about their daily lives without fear or awareness of what is happening.

These illnesses are happening because the attraction to laze around , drink fizzy drinks, eat unhealthy foods full of dangerous fats is more attractive than getting up and working at losing fat from the belly.

People are looking at each other and thinking well it's ok i'm not any bigger than my neighbour.

But it does matter because if you are one of these people you are already dying on your feet.

You are heading for possible complications that will make you regret ever enjoying that big monstrous bag of goodies washed down with tons od sugary sweet drinks.

Why do people wait until it is too late before they panic and grasp at anything to save themselves only to find out that it is 10 times more difficult.

Is your child a bit heavier than they should be, then do not think you are kind by buying him or her another chocolate, that could be the first nail in their coffin!

Give your child a shove and encouragement to go outside and move. You could save their life.

I have added some really scarey statistics to this blog from the national diabetic statistics in America.

Now you can see that children down to 10 years of age are developing this. How many of these children are overweight? ( we are not talking avbout diabetes type 1 )

Most people with diabetes type 2 are over weight and the characteristic sign is the amount of fat accumulated around the middle.

These people are developing leg wounds that are excrutiatingly painful, heart problems, kidney problems, losing their sight amongst many other terrible afflictions.

The sad thing is that this could have been avoided with a little care, thought and action .

You cannot catch diabetes type 2 you give it to yourself and you are certain to reduce your quality years in life.

We as humans are meant to be a relatively intelligent race....but are we?

If you want to save a child then stop a child from developing this horrendous disease. Give them a better future, they deserve it as a learning intelligent human being.

Children do what they are taught!!


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