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Peppermint Oil and Weight Loss

Updated on December 4, 2010

Weight Loss and Peppermint Oil

As I was poking around, I noticed that peppermint oil is used for many things that I wasnt aware of and they also say you can use it for weight loss. If you inhale it you will become more alert. I used to have the nurses put oil of peppermint on my mask when I worked in surgery so I would stay awake.

Check out the Utube video on peppermint and weight loss. Kind of interesting. I hope you enjoy this hub. Peppermint is cheap go out and buy some and try it for your self. Better yet order it on line and have it shipped right to your door.  Over the years we have found it to be one of the most valuable essential oils that we have ever encountered.

I know that once you start using peppermint that you will wonder how you ever got along with out it.

Weight Loss and Peppermint Oil

My Favorite Herbal Remedy

Out of all the herbal remedies that I have tried peppermint is one of my all time favorites. I do not put much faith in clinical data. If a product or substance works and continually proves to be an effective treatment for me. I keep using it. It makes sense to me. I started using peppermint oil almost 20 years ago.

A friend told me to use it to treat an upset stomach. She said to use it topically and rub a small amount directly over the stomach area. Having worked in surgery for 25 years I am familiar with human anatomy so when I have an upset stomach, I apply several drops below my rib cage and straight down on either side of my abdomen.

Amazing how effective this is. With-in seconds you will feel the difference.  Ok you smell like a candy cane but most people do not mind it. I will caution you about using any essential oils . Do not get the oil in your eyes, test the oil before applying it on the area you are going to treat. Place a small drop on the inside of your wrist and examine your skin for redness etc.

If the oil does react to your skin I do not recommend using it. Peppermint is a cool oil, It is numbing and brings oxygen to the muscles. It is the most effective treatment I have ever had for any sort of muscle, tendon or ligament injury.

This is not to be taken as medical advice, certainly take responsibility for your own health but use common sense. You will want to see a doctor for most traumatic injuries.

If you are the active type and are prone to strains and sprains try using peppermint on your various injuries. I believe you will be surprised at how effective it is on back pain also. We also drink it as a tea. Its is very stimulating and is more of a morning drink.

Another use for peppermint is to inhale it. You will become more alert by allowing more oxygen to your brain. When we apply it to our muscles we generally breath enough of it in to reach the desired effect. This method will usually cure a headache with-in a few minutes.

Peppermint is a great all around herb to have in your home. Its pretty easy to grow in window boxes and it has a nice fresh smell as you know.

Different Uses of Peppermint Oil


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  • wrypatch profile image

    wrypatch 7 years ago from Virginia

    Good for pregnant women who have sour stomach during the first trimester (or for those unfortunate souls who have it the whole time). My wife carried some around with her everywhere, and usually ingested it, but did some topical treatment as well. Nice article.

  • William F. Torpey profile image

    William F Torpey 7 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

    Very interesting, coolbreeze. I've always liked pepperment, but only tried it in commercial candy or gum. It never occurred to me to use for pain, indigestion or mental alertness. I'll have to give it a try.