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Perception of Health

Updated on January 21, 2011

Unfortunately, I need to wear oxygen at times. Last night my husband and I discussed how I wish I didn't need to use it (obviously!) and that I feel embarrassed when I need to wear it in public. "What do others think? Will they think I'm less of a person because of it? Does it detract from me as a person?"

We discussed these and many more issues; I thought long and hard. No, it doesn't make me any less of a person but I don't like the negative attention I get, either. But, I like even less the feeling of shortness of breath when I don't wear and I don't like the attention I get when i'm short of breath.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this conundrum? I'd love to hear your perceptions on someone needing helpL hearing aid, walker, cane; special health needs


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    • teamrn profile image

      teamrn 6 years ago from Chicago

      Dear Moon,

      I think that might be my 'stumbling block.' I'm not so sure that I've accepted my limitations as I used to be quite athletic (not necessarily good!) in swimming and triathlons. You'r last sentence REALLY hit home. Thanks ever so much. Annie

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 6 years ago

      There are some people that I see wearing oxygen at work and it appears as though they need to wear it all of the time. I've never thought less of them and recognize they are receiving the help that they need. Since they are at work, they are obviously not letting anything stop them from being a productive member of society. I also once needed a cane for a few months after a car accident and I didn't let that stop me from moving around. It's important to accept that you need the help that you do so hang in there!