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Suffering The Crazies

Updated on June 10, 2020
MissCue profile image

I say out loud, what others only think. I take great pleasure in expressing hardcore truth about awkward situations at Misscue's Hubpages.

Another Point of View

What is real?
What is real?

Oh Silly Me....

How cleverly I deceive myself into believing that..., School, Job, Money..., are essential in order to survive on this planet.

Ain't that the truth...or is it? Story of my life? Story of everyone's life.

In reality these things exist simply to occupy my idle mind..., Keep me from realizing that I will eventually be dead. Nothing but a memory..., a small chip that goes down in history.

Mortality: ..., something I have in common with ALL other beings.

Something every single living soul has to deal with..., knowing that we shall all eventually cease to exist. Even those clueless imbeciles who wander around this planet..., already dead.

No Emotions...,

.....No Feelings...,

..........No Cares...,

...............Just Denial.

Numbness sets in...

I Have A Name...,

I am not a number..., I have a name.
I am not a number..., I have a name. | Source


...and there is always a however...,

Money. It has the nasty reputation known as..., "The Root Of All Evil". I must simply agree.

"Money Doesn't Buy Happiness." I must simply disagree.

This would make me happy for example. I'm broke n hungry. I want to eat food, yet I cannot buy it..., even though I'm in a store that is abundant with food. I can touch it..., and I can smell it..., I can pick it up & press it hard upon my lips. However, I am not allowed to taste it.

The food is without a doubt unobtainable…, because of my understated, overlooked lack of Money. This is a perfect example of how money could buy me happiness.

Under Control.

Who is really in charge?
Who is really in charge? | Source


...since there is always a however...,

Money! Unquestionably money is always necessary. I need it to continue any sort of quality existence on this overly complicated, simplistic planet. The human need for money:

In order to eat…,

......In order to buy…,

...........In order to live...,

.......... .....In order to breathe.

"May I please put that next breath on my VI$A?" Oh, it figures…, Prepaid credit cards are not accepted here! How ironic..., Of course such redundancies do exist.

Staying Afloat...,

Trying to stay above water.
Trying to stay above water. | Source

"Money Does Not Buy Happiness"......

... it has been said.

"WRONG", I say, That is a downright lie".

That statement is simply an ironic inconsistency. More'n likely a rumour created & spread by wealthy. Specifically those who've never experienced life WITHOUT money. They attempt to buy happiness by parading around with wads of cash in hand, emanating an air of arrogant insolence. As if you can find a jar of happiness at your local Walmart store.

Wealthy can buy the world & everything in it..., in search of any cure-all for happiness. They can buy objects, ideas... they can even purchase other people..., for the right price. They feign sarcastic, hypocritical remorse for money's existence, due to their own erectile dysfunctions..., which by the way, can also be cured with a little blue pill.

"My children shall never WANT".

Maybe the Communists were onto something. Let’s all just get in line, one more time. As a hand-out we can receive one potato, half a bottle of milk, a cup of rice...,

..., and a nice hard, swift kick in the ass.

Just a sinking ship...

...Or is it?
...Or is it?

Don’t Let That Door...

...kick me on the way out. "Oh, who am I kidding?" There’s NO door in my Reality.

No door...,

.....No walls...,

..........No roof...,

...............No grace.

I'm sure they will try to put me in my place.

"Oh Man!" There's always something else..., and I saw it coming a million miles away.

Listen to this..., You ready?..., Here goes!

"Now What? Yes, Officer! Yes, Judge and Jury!"

School..., Job..., Money. School, Job, Money!

Society dictates their unwritten laws. These are not merely stern suggestions, rather rules I am forced to abide by. It's just bad manners if I refuse to comply. "As you command":

Repeat after me... "School, Job, Money"..."School, Job, Money" ... Are we simply a planet full of trained drones, taught these mundane actions in order to avoid chaos?

Reality... Whose Reality is this really anyways? Am I being deceived? Is it not real?

Redundancy..., Emanates like an overdue passing of wind, silently escapes, leaving the air foul. Obviously a prediction of what inevitably happens next. Complacency settles in, clearly masking a hint of obstinance. Self-satisfaction. Slight grin... Habitual tendencies.

People are such creatures of habit. They are prone to believe that if it's in print, or on TV..., then it MUST be true! IDIOTS!

Ignorance is NOT bliss! I get it, I can now see the bigger picture. Most others don't. They go through life with blinders on, oblivious to any possible signs of danger...,

...even though the signs are right smack in front of their faces.

Something in the darkness pulled me deeper Something in the madness.

Something in the darkness pulled me deeper Something in the madness.
Something in the darkness pulled me deeper Something in the madness. | Source


...and there is always a however…,

Nothing..., Now that is real! I can always count on 'Nothing'. Nothing never lets me down. Nothing can always be turned into 'Something'. Then I turn around and there it is again…,


Reality. It is only a matter of my own personal perception, laced with a hint of public interpretation. My reality consists of all my personal experiences of every single person that has ever crossed my path..., EVER. We are all crammed into a 4 x 9 foot elevator. "Is someone standing on my head?" Or…,

Is it reality? Of course not…, It's 'nothing'.


...since there is always a however…,

I tend to look at it like a cattle herding. I'm in an unusually long line, waiting my turn for the slaughter…, again. Stuck in this ridiculously long line. It's as if we are waiting single file for our turn on an amusement park ride. All just Sitting Ducks! QUACK!!

Ya, sort of..., just a bunch of quacks around here.

Now…, what is freedom really? Will I be free when I am dead? Or will I simply awaken for the first time in some sort of forced pre-written reality.

Am I perceiving it the same as the guy next to me? We both see it exactly the same way, at the same time..., however, when asked to review we will have completely different perceptions of it.





I wanna change everything mine. I wanna change everything not mine. Only I can give me a fresh start..., a new outlook on life..., a new outlook on me.

After all, this is my reality! A chance to make my 'nothing' real. After all, I'm already a real 'nothing'.

That's How It Really Happened

That's How It Really Happened
That's How It Really Happened | Source


As we all know; there is always a however...,

So, what’s left? Get in line, turn the corner......wait..., then get back in line and do it all over again. Really?

No…., Nothing.

Let us review:





I wonder? Is all this really necessary? Or is it just a good faith gesture? Simply good will towards all..., and good will towards me?

Let us review one more time:

Perception..., a complacent realization? But that completely changes my Nothing…, or does it? Now get back in line and do it all over again.

It's not a puzzle..., it's reality.

Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending

Excellent Music To Read By

© 2011 Helen Kramer


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