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Dealing With Adversity

Updated on March 12, 2013

When Negative Things Happen

When everything in your life is up in the air, and all over the place how can you feel settled? How can you relax or do anything well?

Adversity is clearly something no one wants. You can look it in the face and declare that it will not affect your life. But, just accepting its presence and wishing for its demise won't really make it go away.

Taking that first step is necessary if you're going through the rough waters. It's just as important though to know why you"re doing it. Take the case of my friend Melissa. She found herself going through the motions of raising her two children and being what she thought was a good wife to her husband of ten years.

One day she woke up to find that everyone else's life was going along according to plan. It was her friends, her activities,and her career that she never seemed to have time for, no matter what. It was always a schedule or an outing that took precedence over anything that could remotely be considered a personal endeavor of hers.

She was aware that something was always there buried under piles of duties and obligations that have gotten to the the point of what she viewed as insurmountable.

As time went on she decided it was cost effective to run a little business from her home while her kids were young, and while she was starting out.

She's now got an art business a few blocks from home. It took some years, but to this day Melissa credits her success to listening to what it is that she knows inside, regardless of any conflicting input or stress.

"Persevere in the face of adversity" Just like I heard in an old Western, from a group of women, in the back of a horse drawn wagon, on its way to freedom and untold pleasures. Persevere is what we all should do when it comes to the problems we face. No matter what happens we should strive to accomplish all of our goals.You can keep moving forward along the path to your dreams all while you're successfully dealing with the obstacles that inevitably get in the way.


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