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Personal Defence Basic Fundaments

Updated on December 10, 2010

The art of war is a matter of life or death, a road safety or to ruin. Therefore, research is an issue that in no way be neglected. "
Sun-Tzu - Art of War.

1) - Definitions and concepts

The defense person can be understood in different ways, as with almost everything.

From a legal standpoint (and broadly), the defense is generally understood as the right of every human being to defend his person, and what that person directly affected, ie, their loved ones and property.

From the standpoint of martial self-defense is a set of techniques to achieve defend against external aggression on our people and that which affects you directly.Normally at urban assault (defense street). Be a realistic and effective defense. It may involve the use of weapons or not.

From a sporting or recreational, as the practice of defense for pleasure and pastime, without running any risk never our physical integrity during these practices (without risk of injury). It can also be an alternative to the practice of a martial art oriented defense, but to the sport. That is, a form of martial arts practice alternative sports such as Karate, Judo, Taekown-do, kendo, etc.

But ultimately, as can be seen, these are two aspects of the same concept.

It is important to note that if you have the inalienable right to defend our person, we do not yet skilled enough to make it count, this is not really much good to us ... or will it can serve both as a chained slave rights human.

Forms of defense, either with or without weapons [1], are as wide as we can imagine and more, and how extensive are the situations that may arise in which it is necessary to defend ourselves. Any form of attack can be a defense if it is applied to protect against an earlier attack.

That is, we can say without doubt that although you can raise a number of bases or grounds for the defense, the defense possibilities are endless and limitless combinations arising from the possibilities, and the methods and arts disciplinesteach martial, the weapons available, and so on.


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