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Personal Health and Wellness Report using MyFitnessPal

Updated on November 14, 2015


This is a project report on physical fitness where for four days a target was kept to lose half an inch all round the body though light exercise and diet. The reports of the steps and the other wellness reports were taken using the Argus apps and the details of the 4 day regimen are listed in this report.

Journal Data (Food+Exercise)

From day 1 to day 4 which is from Wednesday to Saturday all the foods that I have eaten from breakfast till dinner is illustrated in the food table.

On all four days, I walked for one hour a day I did 20 pushups and20 sit ups and ended the exercise with 20 squats per day.

From day 1 to day 4 which is from Wednesday to Saturday all the foods that I have eaten from breakfast till dinner is illustrated in the food table. The choice of the food has to ensure that at the start of the day I have sufficient energy to be able to complete all the tasks, I kept lunch very light so that the body has a chance of burning up the calories and to avoid any sort of fall in blood pressure I took a snack that had low calories or no calorific value to fill my stomach so that the hunger pangs do not make me overeat at dinner. My big meal for the day was at dinner so that my stomach as full and I could get good sleep on a full stomach which for me important for stress levels

On all four days, I walked for one hour a day I did 20 pushups and20 sit ups and ended the exercise with 20 squats per day.

Argus is an application that provides the information of the fitness levels in a person, it provides video guided work outs, monitors real time heart beat, it has a sleep time alarm clock a pedometer and the most important feature is the GPS Activity and social community tracking in the apps. The daily step count is illustrated below:

My day started at 6.00 A.M the total number of steps according to the Argus apps was 103703 and the active time was 2:02:36 and on a daily basis for all the 4 days I covered a distance of 4.91mi, but my calorie burn was low at only 391 cal per day.

From the above data it is evident that that my heartbeat was normal and there was no stress that appeared in the heart beat count. The diet and the exercise appears to have worked for me. The real time heartbeat rate that was recorded is shown in the screen shot above. (Argus,2015)


How did you do on your fitness test? Which ones did you do well on, which ones do you need improvement, and what are your fitness goals? Mention all of the fitness components related to the test.

I did fairly well in my fitness, my goal was to achieve a loss of at least half an inch all round but in a slow steady manner and at the end of four days I achieved the loss of half an inch all round. My respiratory conditions were stable, stamina remained uniform there was no weakness, I have to work out to be more flexible. Speed improved. Power improved, coordination improved, balance remained the same, accuracy remained stable and freshness developed by which I felt much healthier and better and was able to feel fresh throughout the day without getting tired or irritant or waiting to take a break every two hours. The light exercise burnt up the fat in my body fast helping in the healthy loss of fat without the usual burnout from diet and exercise. The food intake was the right quantity and the level of calories needed for the body was lower in the food than the requirement of the body to burn fat.


Discuss what you have discovered about how much or how little exercise you do. Do you include your personal training exercise into your life? How will personal training help with your goals or your overall health?

What I found from the Argus apps reports was that my exercise was extreme even though to me it appeared to be light and yet effective. This is one of the reasons why I did not change the exercise patterns or the increase the number of steps. Despite the apps report showing g extreme - I did not feel any burnout and I did lose the half inch I had set as a goal to lose. In my work life I do include plenty of exercises such as walking up stairs, walking to work, walking back from work, avoid any type of fatty food and incase the excessive burn out of calories makes me tired and sleep I take a Coca Cola small bottle only when necessary not otherwise. Most of my chores and work that can be done standing I do standing, and I sit only when there is a need to type, read or have my meals, in this way I am exercising more than I should and the food is healthy.


In your own words what are each of the component of wellness? In your life, how do you feel about your overall wellness, is it balanced? What are some things that need improvement? Mention each one of the 7 components along with sleep patterns, and water consumption in the physical wellness section.

The components of wellness are, low stress levels, good sleep, a healthy appetite, normal heart beat, normal respiratory conditions, strength ,stamina, speed, power, coordination and agility. In my own life the overall fitness is balanced but the level of activity according to the Argus reports also shows that the level of activity on a daily basis is extreme activity. The overall wellness is balanced in my life, some of the changes that I need to make ti improve in a few components are, to lower the levels of activity on a daily basis which is bordering on hyperactivity levels and is causing higher heartbeat rate at times. I also need to lose more fat from only certain parts of my body which is my goal for the next one month. No extra exercise will be added to my daily routine, but a high level of fluid intake will be added to keep the pressure balance in the body and to avoid feeling tired or sleepy through the day time activities


List the 5 food groups, are you getting enough of each? How is your vitamin intake

What food groups are you getting enough of, or not enough of? What are the three things you would change in your diet? Could your current diet lead to disease or prevent it?

The list of five food groups is vegetables, fruits, grain food, poultry-fish-eggs, milk-yoghurt-cheese low fat alternatives. I am getting enough of grain food, lean meat, milk yoghurt. I am not getting enough of vegetables and fruit.

The three things that I would change in my diet are increase the level of fruit or fruit juices, nuts and vegetables.

My current diet would lead to a higher level of fitness and therefore the current diet is likely to prevent diseases. (Eat for Health,2015)


How does this relate to your personal training? What muscle groups should you focus on the most to improve your fitness tests? Which muscle group would you like to focus on? Use the proper muscle names to explain what you have learned about the human body.

For my personal training I need a higher level protein and this is provided in my diet, to improve my fitness, I need to focus on the muscles of my legs, shoulders and arms. I would like to focus on, my arms and my shoulders. The biological names of the muscles are deltoid muscles and Biceps-Brachii (Short Head)

The human body is a miracle of creation and of evolution. It is a carbon based material configuration and therefore to keep the body fit and well eating protein is a good solution as it provides the basic component of the human body but like everything else it should not be in excess. (Inner Body,2015)


From the diet and the light exercise that I undertook it proved to been effective as a scientific way of losing fat in the body without any adverse exercise. The loss of half inch shows that fat melt down is possible in a healthy way without causing physicals tress to oneself. If half an inch can be lost in a day then this proves that the wellness diet can help lose more in a month or more.

One Day Healthy Diet plan

1 egg
Any types of nuts
1 glass of milk
Half a cup of grain food
Apple or steamed dumplings
A glass of juice or a fruit
Strawberries, gooseberries,banana,

My Plate

My Plate

Fruits: Strawberries, Gooseberries, Bananas, Apples

Grains: Brown Bread, Brown Rice, Noodles

Vegetables: Spinach, Banana Flower, Raw Jackfruit, Capsicum, Pumpkin, Cabbage Broccoli

Protein: Yoghurt, Milk, Tofu. Fish


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