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Personal Reviews on 5 Weight Loss Methods

Updated on August 10, 2012

Diet Success and Failures

I have tried dozens of diets over the years - drinks, pills, powders, hanging upside down by my toes (not really that last one but you know what I mean). Some worked and some (most) didn’t. This is just a small review of a few of them incase you are thinking about trying one of these. Of course, these are my experiences and may be totally different than someone else’s, or yours for that matter.

1. HCG

1. HCG - oh yeah, the new, popular can’t fail fad. Several people claim to be able to eat whatever they want after they reach their goal weight without regain. I didn’t do the injections. I did the oral kind. Exercise is not recommended while on this and there are severe restrictions of caloric intake each day - 500 calories.

For the first couple of days you eat as much food as you can, seriously. As Much As You Can. This is the “loading” period to help you make it through the first days of the 500 calories with as little discomfort as possible.

I have to admit that I had no problems on this diet and I did lose the weight - around 50 lbs total in about 60 days. I thought I would feel horrible from lack of calories, but I didn’t.

About the weight staying off - um, no. I did go over the road with my husband in our semi truck, so a lot of fast food and truck stop food definitely killed the lost weight - it found it’s way back in a year. I do think that if I had stayed home the weight may have stayed off since I really had no desire to go back to eating the way I had before and truthfully, that had nothing to do with the hormone. If you stop eating sugary stuff and processed foods your cravings for them go away on their own.

Do I recommend this diet approach? No. There are plenty of healthy ways to lose weight - this way is a band-aid, it doesn't address any lifestyle changes and like I said, the weight doesn't stay off anyway so you will be right back where you were at some point.

2. Atkins

2. Atkins - I don’t care what anyone says, Atkins worked for me (until my husband tempted me to beyond control on our honeymoon with chocolate cake - it was all over after that). I loved this diet because I am a big meat eater. I was raised in Nebraska so I grew up on meat and potatoes - I did have issues giving up the potatoes but the desire for them (along with cravings for all sweets) disappeared after a week or two. I dropped the weight quick too. The prices of meats are too high now - and will be worse next year - for me to even consider doing this one any time soon.


3. - If you don’t mind logging on everyday this is an excellent calorie, weight and exercise tracker that can keep you aware of what you are doing every day and where your shortfalls are. I dropped the weight at around a pound or two a week which is the healthy way to do it - or so I’ve been told. I never had to deprive myself either - if I wanted ice cream I had it. I just had to be honest and list what I ate and stop if I got to my limits. Overall this was the one that I was the most satisfied with. I just got tired of entering the info every day. It’s not so much a diet in and of itself. It’s a way to hold yourself accountable for what you put in your mouth.

4. Slimfast Meal Replacement Drinks

4. Slimfast replacement drinks - Never again. I was so hungry I could have drank one of these every couple of hours and still kicked an all-you-can-eat dinner. I never made it past two weeks on these and only lost .5 lbs. for all the suffering.

5. Hydroxycut

5. Hydroxycut - still another one that didn’t do anything for me. Made my stomach a little upset. I guess to be fair I should say that I only did about two weeks on these as well so maybe I didn’t give them time to work. Still, not worth it.

It's All Up To You

I’ve tried a few carb blockers with nothing to show for it. After the success with Atkins I have been thinking about starting to eat along the lines of the South Beach diet. I know what foods make me gain weight I just have to decide to do something about it. Ultimately it comes down to how bad you really want to lose the weight and how committed you are to making the needed changes. If you are not willing to make the lifestyle changes, the weight will come back, it’s just a matter of time. I know that if I just give up the sugar and white flour the weight will start going - I’m just not sure I’m ready to give up the ice cream again (I have issues with portion control when it comes to ice cream).


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