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Personal Tips for Security and Safety

Updated on February 26, 2014

We are a society of people who for the most part do not have the awareness nor the education; information to take pro active protective measures to ensure our personal safety, that of our families, loved ones, and our valued assets. As a result it is no wonder that victims and intended or potential victims, are really quite susceptible and vulnerable to the intent of perpetrators, and lawless entities. It is quite possible however if one is just a little more aware of his or her surroundings and the environment they traverse daily, that with a mental note to pay attention to details, one can easily detect and quite possibly deter the plan of a would be perpetrator.


This area is by far the most intensely detailed as far as tips and procedures are concerned, however when it comes to placing value, and looking at levels of risk between a private person and a large corporation, some basic principles remain the same. The very first thing that one must be mindful of is routines; they very much are part of our daily lives, but can at times mean the difference between our survival, and our downfall. What you do every morning when leaving your home is usually marked by the enemy, they take time out to be in an obscure vantage point, where they can profile your every move and mark the time frame in which you do what you do. Whilst we are not in the business of making anyone unstable or paranoid, it is our duty and responsibility to inform people of the things that can make the difference as it applies to their personal safety. We are creatures of habit, and we usually form these habits to keep us grounded and comfortable, and so from time to time when asked to make changes, one can become a little disturbed. The hard truth is that no matter how long you have been doing what you do, someone at some time will draw your attention to a few routines which you may not have even be aware of. For pointers; start paying attention to when you wake up in the morning, and for a few days just check the time you do what you do until you leave home to catch a ride, or with your own vehicle. I am sure you will see a pattern developing there, secondly; look at what you do when you get to your car in particular, the time you take to get into your car strap in and start your engine is your most vulnerable. Instead of focusing on plotting your journey to your respective destination, you then should be scanning the neighborhood, when you practice this you do two things; you tell a potential attacker that you are security conscious, and you give yourself the added advantage of being in a state of readiness. Time is always critical, and the longer you take to get in and lock your doors, the more time you give to the enemy; trust me, they don't need much. In the event that you are accosted by someone upon leaving your home, have some contingencies in place, either have on your person some electronic device, which will send a signal discreetly, or one that will sound off with voice effects. You have to choose which one you are most comfortable with, there are several more options, but these two are the most effective, for some females there is a tendency to revert to pepper spray or mace, but there is a large disadvantage in the effectiveness of the use of both. Time must be on your side; therefore unless you have distracted a would be perpetrator in executing their plan of attack, they will be mindful of you reaching into a purse or handbag for the opportunity to release a spray or two, it is better to have the element of surprise in your favour by employing the use of a more potent and unsuspecting protection device.

For The Ladies

Be prepared to defend yourself at all times; to be forewarned is to be forearmed.
Be prepared to defend yourself at all times; to be forewarned is to be forearmed.


The basis of the information provided within comes from two main sources; they are based on thirty years of experience in the business, twelve years inclusive as Director and Owner of Anscot Security And Services Limited, and the knowledge of association by training research, and studies. (ASIS) The American Society For Industrial Security, Cipriani Labor College, and Part time studies at the University of The West Indies, have all formed the learning foundation in my career. Additionally I had the opportunity of studying for a Certification (C.P.O.) Certified Protection Officer. My Clients have enjoyed the benefit of my experience and training over the years, and some of the information gathered here, is basically what we would provide on a Consultancy basis. While there are no guarantees, what we can assure you, is that if practiced carefully on a daily basis, these tips and information can bring your sense of awareness to a whole new level in personal protection. Your safety is your wealth and you should invest in it because in the end you must place real value to YOU. There is no price you can put on your safety and well being, if you have good health and practice good personal safety, then you are on your way to an enriched and fulfilling lifestyle; the choice is yours.

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We Value Your Opinion

This poll is important to me because it will help me to better plan and execute a more informative and deliberate Hub in the future. Your opinions and your inputs are also vital as I seek to create and build a relationship with you my readers and followers. As a professional you are always on the look for new information and of course constructive criticism, will also help to improve the quality of one's work. I would appreciate your honest opinion and hope that the answers would allow for pure interpretation to yours, please fell free to also lend a comment or two for the benefit of releasing thoughts as you may very well help me to improve on the information presented if I do a follow up or part two.

Get Involved in martial arts training; it will develop your self confidence, it helped me a lot.
Get Involved in martial arts training; it will develop your self confidence, it helped me a lot.

Facts To Remember

  • Your safety and your family's safety is strictly your business, no one else's
  • Your ability to be calm and objective will go a long way in assisting your judgement
  • Always remember if you pay careful attention to details, things will appear to you
  • Get the training you feel best suits you, develop skills for your specific personal safety
  • Build self confidence by engagement with groups or like minded people
  • Aggression must be tempered with reasoning; sometimes it can help
  • Place value on yourself, family, and personal possessions, they are yours
  • Practice safety even on the field of play, injuries may cost more than you can afford
  • Update and educate yourself to be current with what's happening in your world

Points To Note

  1. It is extremely vital to vital to approach all that you do with the right mental attitude, how you think and calculate your options are really crucial to your success going forward. Do not get yourself bugged down by events occurring around you that are negative, your responsibility is to focus on solutions, not problems, focus on how you can and not on why you can't. The more you believe in what you do, is the more you will see tangible results in your actions, never isolate yourself; no man is an island. In the process of learning techniques and managing defensive and safety systems, empty yourself when starting any new course or period of training. Approach each lesson as if it's the first time all the time, it is up to you to keep the novelty fresh and enlightening.
  2. Not every safety and security program or training is for you; I can't emphasize this enough, there is no generic solution in whole as to the challenges you may have in your personal protection efforts, every singular situation is unique and different no matter how similar they may appear to be. The difference is in sense of perception, judgement, circumstances, and conditions; therefore what may work for your neighbor, may very well not work for you.
  3. You must be prepared to do proper risk and vulnerability assessments before making a final decision on the direction or plan that is best suited to you, I have taken the liberty to put links into place with specific access to companies who will do these exercises for you at little or no cost; depending on your needs, it may even cost you nothing.
  4. No particular plan, equipment, or technology is foolproof, ultimately, your success in creating your personal safety and protection plan, has a lot to do with timing and execution. Even if you do simulations with real people and machinery, there is no way you can really measure how you will react in the real situation, keeping an open mind and being able to relax is the best frame of mind to adopt, have no expectations, being in the moment is the way to go.
  5. Everyone has access to information and technology, there are seminars and workshops in every community, neighborhood watch and community policing are now more popular than ever; get on board. Sometimes it is instructive to see things from the eyes of the enemy, how will they summarize your defenses and weakness? How will they profile you in your environment? Getting that view is part of your armory; believe it or not they do the same all the time.

Family Status

You want peace of mind to enjoy fun times with your family.
You want peace of mind to enjoy fun times with your family.
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This is the key to gaining knowledge and confidence about several areas of Security inclusive of techniques and recognition skills. One must read with an open mind and do research, with a desire to be receptive to all that you can gather
Being aware or having a sense of awareness, puts you in a place of advantage, and in the know. If you know, you can act or react properly and effectively. If you don't, then you are likely to be surprised and possibly hurt. Become aware, and get in the Know.
There are varying degrees of protection, what one has to ascertain, is which is the most practical one for you. Choose wisely from all the choices that are available, and ensure that you get as much information as possible on what is available.

See Your Options

Maximize Your Protection

Very few of us can boast of being associated with a personal Security Consultant and or a personal Body Guard or Adviser. One can however tune into a network or organization; (highly recommended), which can by means of videos and literature, provide the exact information and support system, to improve and increase our levels of personal protection. With this in mind, please take the time to watch this entire video and follow the instructions, you will get tips on various kinds of threats, how to recognize and avoid them, and how to daily become empowered to protect your self and your loved ones. This includes home and personal assets, as well as travel, and anti terrorism tactics. You will be well informed and embraced with this organization, and have the opportunity to include friends and neighbors in group discussions and projects. Very current; very informative, and vital to your well being safety, and peace of mind. Watch the video and be enlightened.


A bullet is only potent when it is fired from a gun; practice safety at all times. Safeguard your ammo.
A bullet is only potent when it is fired from a gun; practice safety at all times. Safeguard your ammo.

Safety Your Responsibility

Once you have made a decision based on sound advice and the level of protection that is most practical to you/yours, please bear in mind that you now have a responsibility to guard and protect that which now protects you. If it's ammunition for a firearm, more than likely you will be advised as to what equipment you need in your home to safely store your ammunition, and how to house your firearm. Be prepared to take all the advice you get from the experts, but ask a lot of questions to be sure that you fully understand what is required to be in the know, and to take the responsibility for you and your family's safety and Protection. Please avoid using information and suggestions from non professional sources, always verify the source of your information, and again observe 'attention to details' in all that you do.

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