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Personal development- how to respond different situations

Updated on May 4, 2015

Personal development- learn to respond different situations

Pain and pleasure are two sides of a coin. Success gives happiness while defeat brings despairs. Every day and each moment in life happens to be a different one.

If we learn to respond situations well then we may avoid despairs that come along with failures. Never give up hopes in life as sometimes our success may start right from the moment onwards where we happen just on the verge of giving up.

While braving the unfavorable moments, need to ask yourself “If I were not to face defeat how I could understand the value of a win”?

In fact after getting over bad time we become stronger.

Remember its thoughts only that make us happier or sadder never the situations do so. So handle your thoughts well if you couldn’t control the situation.

As somebody said good moments give memories and bad ones bring experience. Sometimes situations not happen that much of worse but our own thoughts make us feel it worst and bring more additional sorrows. So here the perception may cause more harm than the actual loss would do. All the time we need efforts to be made to control emotions rather than thinking on external things.

We can experience that on many occasions we may avoid many embarrassments by just controlling our thoughts. If we respond well and in a wiser way the outcome may change substantially. After all, if some loss has occurred then our negative thoughts never can compensate that. Indeed if we start thinking in a positive direction we may find some ways that can reimburse the loss if not completely then up to some extent.

In fact mulling on negative thoughts increases the magnitude of the loss and not the other way round. If we read history every great man or woman had come to face difficulties and they surpassed them successfully to reach their goals in life. In fact those crises had given them opportunity to fight odds and thus they moved on towards the path of greatness. Obstacles will come and go. But our determination must not be affected by any external force. Nothing can disrupt the peace of our mind, we need to have such strong hold on our emotions. Be hopeful towards good time to come.

Never let negative thoughts to reign your brain. Always remember a single negative thought may ruin a flurry of positive thoughts. Sometimes the dark side of an object doesn't let the brighter one to shine at all. Sometimes in despair our elders advise us, we need to listen wise men carefully as they speak on the basis of their experience of life. Experience and willpower make us better equipped to deal with any situation in life.

Swami Vivekananda said “If you don’t face any difficulty throughout the day it implies you have chosen a wrong path. Spread positivity all around with having all the positive thoughts that will help you to get over all the odd situations in life. We don’t see the things as they are but we see them as we are. So our thoughts reflect everywhere we go, what we say and in what we do. Reflection of our thoughts can be seen in our response to every situation that may arrive at any time.

Actions of a person speak louder than the words. If we mull over good thoughts our action will speak that goodness. Great men behave unanimously with same greatness irrespective of the good or bad situation. They neither get deterred by sorrows nor get overjoyed by pleasures. Wise men never hesitate to get over any worse phase and always respond wisely.


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