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Personality and the phases of the moon effect

Updated on April 20, 2013

All cultures, religions and philosophies have viewed the moon within a range ofdeities or been given a role in initiation rituals.

The moon has long been a protagonist of biological rhythms and their characteristics and the eternal return to their original forms, has also been the astral center of almost all the rhythms of life: the moon controls all the cosmic planes governed by law the cyclic evolution, water, rain, vegetation and fertility.

On planet earth, the moon leads the development of vital fuir of nature and humans, and its importance so great that everything is based on what life is in the role of its phases. Indeed, men and mammals pass their lives according to the moon. A pregnancy lasts 9 moons, ie cycles of 28 days.
Sailors know the best time to go into the sea after watching the moon.

In agriculture, is the date of planting and soil fertility depending on the lunar phase that governs these processes: in the evening, the farmer knows if the next day will be cloudy or sunny, according to the color that the moon appears on the horizon.
In astrology, are essential to study the sun and the moon to start the study of a natal chart. Thus, one could anticipate a person's sexual orientation, noting some aspects between the Moon, the Sun, Mars and Venus, the tendency to obesity is set in a letter if there are aspects between the Moon and Jupiter, while the mendiumnidad is indicated by the planetary confluence with Neptune, and also the moon can make a compelling attraction for drugs, or conversely, altruism. To consciously incorporate lunar vibrations in life should be taken into account the following stages or cycles
The lunar phases are essentially those that determine the degree of internal turgor movement and fluids, in practice, means any activity overload, damage or injury of any kind to the body should be avoided under the influence of full and new moonsand therefore should be practiced with the waxing and waning moons. Conversely, any activity that represents profit through herbs, energy treatments or other medical practices where there are no side effects, should be chosen phases of new moon and full moon.

New moon

This phase begins the first day of absence from the moon. The lack of moon meansthe absence of feminine energy. When the moon is in conjunction, a dark sidelooking directly at the earth, which should be invisible.

Despite this, it is possible to observe the moons disk because of the sunlight that theearth reflected about it. This phase is conducive to gestate, grow inside the idea, hope, desire or specific initiative. It is also the ideal time for meditation and introspection. It is the best time to start new projects to begin purifying any cure, it isindicated on agriculture for plowing, pruning, grafting effect, eliminate parasitic weeds or applying a treatment to a sick plant.

First Quarter

The waxing phase is the distance in time between new moon and full moon. It's timeto start planting to develop something new. Anything that you want to increase or improve should be worked on these dates. Period of growth might be called, also known as "half light", ranging from shrinking to growing. It is good time to acquirefame, prestige and popularity.

The days following the new moon phases occur in increasing the percentage of the visible light of the moon increases gradually, reaching half being illuminated lunarhemisphere. As the moon is increasing in light, the body is more inclined to growand expand. Is the period of the action. At this stage what has been sown is under development gathers momentum, it multiplies.

Full moon

The full moon phase is the time of collection of fruits planted in the moon crescentabove. It is good to start anything because the energy has reached its maximumexpression, and thus begins a decline. The growing phase continues to increase until the earth is between the Moon and the Sun, which allows that the Earth can belit the entire lunar hemisphere.
It is the culmination and expression cycle. The processes are at its best
The moon, full of light, restless spirits, unleashes the emotions and the body tends tobe altered more easily.

Last Quarter

Is the cycle that arises from full moon but really, when the moon enters the fullphase, and we can say that the decline has begun. Nothing is complete is likely to improve without a prior reduction. Are the days following the full moon, waningstages in which the percentage of the visible light of the moon decreases gradually, reaching half being illuminated lunar hemisphere. The forces and energies are turning inward, a time of decline, the opportunity for reflection and introspection.
In this phase the moon decreases in light, influences the body with the tendency todiscard everything about: facilitating the elimination of fluids, fats and toxins, it isgood time to start a diet or detoxification.
* The cycle of lunar phases mark alternating periods of activity (growth) and rest(conservation), this time should be chosen according to the objective of the activity we do. Thus, any activity whose goal is to achieve good growth and regenerationshould be done in the days after the Moon squares up before the full moon or newmoon, and all activities aimed at achieving conservation or disposal of somethingShould be done in the days after new moon


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