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Kerosene can't kill Fleas and other House Pests- Remedies

Updated on February 3, 2015


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cat flea
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malarial mosquito
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dog flea

House pests endanger health

HOUSE pests like ants, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, rats, mice endanger your health and destroy property. Upon notice they should be eliminated or driven away. Usually we find lots of them living in dark, damp and dirty places. Some live in pools of stagnant water, piles of garbage, decaying bodies of dead animals and empty cans. Cleanliness and sunshine will help keep them away.

Keep food safe from flies and other pests

Food and food odors attract flies. Keep food in a place safe from the reach of flies. Buy food covers and use them to keep flies away. Drive or swat flies out the house. You can also trap to kill them. A good trap is available in the market. It's called a flypaper with sticky paste where flies are caught and stuck by the legs when they alight on it. During epidemics caused by flies and mosquitoes- the government may conduct fogging operation in a particular community. Fogging drives or kills flies mosquitoes or bugs as the fogging machine belches out smoke laden with chemicals..

Flies are most dangerous pests

The flies are the most dangerous of these pests. They carry typhoid, cholera and other intestinal germs to your food. They breed in animal manure, human waste and decaying garbage. They multiply rapidly. The pupa tranform into an adult in 3 days or 5 weeks depending upon temperature and humidity. Get rid of their breeding places by spraying them with lime, ashes or sand. Keep your house and surroundings clean and sanitary. Bury your garbage, cover and bury manure and burn all refuse

Ants are dirty. Don't allow them on foods

Ants easily find food. They crawl through seams of tables and cupboard and swarm over food- especially sweets. To get rid of them- look and find their nest and destroy the eggs. Pour insecticide or boiling water on their breeding places. Stick cotton buds soaked with petroleum in cracks serving as ants hideaway. Set the legs of table or cupboard in tin cans with 50-50 mixture of water and kerosene to keep away ants from food. Look for the ants line of travel and sprinkle on it salt. Doing this also drives them away.

Dirty and carrying diseases, Cockroaches look for food during the night

Cockroaches carry disease and dirt wherever they are. They emit offensive odor which they leave on food and places they infest. They roam and look for food at night. During the day- they hide in cracks, behind shelves and cabinets that are seldom aired. Dirty brushes, dishcloths and wet rags are some of the things they love to stay with. Protect food by covering them well or keep them in insect-proof cabinets. Food covers made of fine mess wire are best.

Fleas are killed by adam's flea and tick shampoo not by kerosene. They carry bubonic plague and typhus

Fleas are carried into the house by dogs, cats, rats and mice. They carry germs of the bubonic plague and typhus. When a flea bites a diseased rat, the germs are taken in with the blood. When the same flea bites a person- the germs are then transmitted. The germs multiply rapidly in the bitten person who suffers the disease.

Fleas on animals like dog and cat can't be killed or eliminated by kerosene. Besides, too much kerosene endangers the life of dogs and cats. In the market are effective and proven remedies such as Adam's flea and tick shampoo.

Dengue, malaria and yellow fever are transmitted by mosquitoes

Dengue, malaria and yellow fever are diseases carried and transmitted by mosquitoes to human beings. People get these diseases when they are bitten by the kind of mosquitoes carrying them? Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water, in flower vases, tin cans, water tanks, bamboo posts and in dirty water that collects under your house. Their eggs hatched into wrigglers in 24 hours. They swim under the water for food and swim up to the surface to breathe. Drain or fill up pools and stagnant water barrels and tanks. You may pour enough kerosene on stagnant water to kill the wrigglers. The kerosene will form a filmy layer on the surface of the water and thus prevent the wrigglers from breathing. Without air they die. Ponds near your vicinity should be filled up with ornamental fish like goldfish, tilapia, mudfish, etc. Eggs laid by mosquitoes which hatched into wrigglers in the pond serve as food for the fish. Dead plants, weeds and tall grass which served as mosquito hiding places should be eradicated.

Ways to rid pets of fleas

Pet cats and dogs must observed a regular schedule of bathing. There should be a regular brushing of their hair. Their sleeping rags should be dipped in boiling water to kill fleas. Naphthalene balls help drive fleas away.

Rats and mice are dirty and destructive. Get rid of them by all means

Rats and mice are dirty and destructive. They eat food, clothing and knaw holes in the wood. Keep food beyond their reach. Bits of food and crumbs attract them and which must be swept away. There are ways to get rid of them by rat trap and rat poison which can be availed of in the market. When applying either of the two, care and caution should be done to keep them out of the reach of children. A good cat will help drive rats and mice away.

Termites eat wooden materials including your house. Get rid of them.

White ants, termites or anay are destructive house pests. Without your knowing, they eat up wooden materials of your house- posts, joists, and other timber. They work underground in colonies. They dig tunnels to reach the woods. Look and scrape these tunnels away. Scrape also the runs through which they crawl. Apply heavily petroleum or black tar on their tunnels and runs to kill or drive them away. If your house is heavily infested with termites, you may avail of the services of private termite and pest exterminators to rid them away- but this entails a big expense.

Leptospirosis kills. Beware

LEPTOSPIROSIS recently victimized a number of residents in central Luzon, Philippines after the murky flash floods caused by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals. Humans become infected through contact with water, food or soil containing urine from infected animals like cattle, pigs, horses, dogs, rodents (rats and mice) and wild animals.

Sustained cleanliness and lots of sunshine in the house and surroundings are must in keeping your house free of pests.

Any comment on this hub? Do so for enlightenment. Thank you.

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