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Peyronie's Disease - My Personal Story

Updated on October 18, 2010

My bout with Peyronie's disease came on rather gradually. We were on a family vacation in Kauai, when it could no longer be ignored. I could not understand what was going on with my penis. It had been developing a curve prior to the vacation, but all of sudden erections had became painful and my penis was just going crazy. I thought it was going to curl up like a pigs' tail. My wife and I did not know how to cope with this new development.

Upon returning from vacation, I made an appointment with our family doctor. My wife helped me get an erection and we took a picture of it. My penis had an almost 90 degree bend in it, and it was really starting to terrify me. If you are at this point right now and feel that you are all alone. Let me re-assure you, there are many men suffering with this treatable affliction. My advice is to make an appointment with your doctor and get pro-active about your treatment, ASAP!

I have a really great relationship with our family doctor. He is just a great guy and an outstanding doctor. He took one look at the picture, and told me I had Peyronie's disease. I had no idea what that was, and he gave me a good explanation. He wrote out a referral for me to see a Urologist. He said this was a condition that needed a specialist and knew a doctor that was very competent and had a lot of experience. He handed me back my photo and told me to take it to my next appointment. I felt a little reassured, at least something was happening toward my treatment. I just figured that a Urologist would give me a prescription and it would all go away. I hoped and prayed it would be that easy.

I went to my appointment and met my new Urologist. He was an older gentleman. He was an extremely competent man, and I felt like this was definitely the right place for me. He looked at the photo and put it in my file. He examined my penis, and ordered some lab tests. I saw this doctor many times over a six month period of time. I received Verapamil injections and purchased topical Verapamil cream from PD labs. The time went by slowly and my progress was non-existent. I was becoming depressed and despondent about my condition. I was really getting angry, it was just so unfair. I needed my penis to get better, but it wasn't. I was losing my confidence. I secretly feared my wife would leave me, and often thought about death. I was not suicidal, no I just prayed that God would end my life for me. It was during this dark time, that I went to my Urologist for the last time. I didn't know it would be my last visit when I arrived. The doctor did a quick examination and then asked me to sit down for a consultation. He told me my plaque was very large and had invaded the Corpus Cavernosum. It appeared to have stabilized and now it was time for me to consider my next avenue of treatment. He said because of the size and depth of the plaque, my surgical options would be best limited to a Nesbit procedure. He drew me some pictures while describing the procedure. The words, "It will shorten your Penis" seemed to echo through my head. Other words like, possible complications and decreased sensitivity bludgeoned my psyche. He ended the conversation with this: "When you hear the expression, 'Practicing Medicine' it really applies to Peyronie's disease. We really are practicing." He asked me to think about all that he said and after about a three month wait, just to make sure the plaque was stable, we could schedule the surgery if I wished.

I left his office in a daze. I don't remember the drive home. I walked into the house and laid down on the floor next to our bed and bawled my eyes out. I felt like God had forsaken me. I was all alone in my misery it seemed. That evening, after regaining my composure, my wife and I sat down and discussed our options. I knew in my heart that surgery was no longer an option, but I wanted to hear it from her. She looked into my eyes and saw my pain and frustration. She encouraged me to do some research and seek alternatives. She reached out to me in love and held me. We both cried.

The following day I resolved to find an alternative treatment program. I began reading everything I could on the subject. There were resources available, but nothing was organized in a system. It all seemed so hit and miss. I began reading the forums, where there are so many heart wrenching stories. There are the men who's wives have left them, and those that gave up hope for a cure. I'm sure there are the even sadder untold stories of suicide.

Over time I developed a systematic approach to this disease. It was a battle plan to conquer and defeat my enemy. I was at war and my enemy was Peyronie's disease. If you suffer from this terrible affliction go to my website:


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    • bac2basics profile image


      6 years ago from Spain

      Hello John. I just joined Hub Pages and wrote about peyronie´s because my late husband had it and I felt the word needed to be got out about this disease and make it something people felt they could actually talk about. When ad´s were banned because of the subject matter I then searched if anyone else had written about this problem and found your articles. Well done you for revealing what could have caused you embarrassment, in the spirit of helping others. I have now put your links on my hub, I hope this is OK with you. Voted you up as Awesome as well as interesting and useful, because I think you have a lot of guts to write about what most men with this problem will do anything to hide.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Yes. I have Peyronie's. My penis stayed straight but shortened. Makes sex a little uncomfortable for my wife who is only supportive. How incredibly shallow a woman would leave her husband over it! Women get endometriosis and need understanding. Why wish to die? But it does rob the identity at first. Why, I lost two commanding inches. But the real command is in the mind and heart of a man. I'm just glad I didn't need surgery. To be fair, I have been suicidally depressed about other things and somewhat over Peyonie's. I also have Ledderhose in my feet. Both. It is akin. Thanks for your testimony. I have been made fun of and angry. Better angry than depressed. The penis and testicles are equipment, you know. A man who is loved unconditionally has it all. Kudos to your wife. Mine tells me I'm beautiful, downstairs., and the whole body of me. I also have a blood condition and other **** that makes life sad. But we do well in every department. Thanks for sharing. I think I'm stable enough and won't need surgery. Take care.


    • profile image

      Keeth Fryz 

      6 years ago

      Awesome hub with some really good story.I can understand your feelings .Very well written hub with some useful information in between.Thanks a lot for sharing this :)


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm planning on covering this topic myself at some point. Peyronie's Disease is a devastating condition and it doesn't get the attention it deserves.

    • John Parks profile imageAUTHOR

      John Parks 

      7 years ago from Gig Harbor, Washington

      Thanks Paula Henry, We did go through a dark time, and it is one of those diseases that people just suffer with in silence, and don't talk about. I decided after having such great results to come out and give a name and face to something that has destroyed a lot of men and couples lives.

    • PaulaHenry1 profile image


      7 years ago from America

      wow- your are amazing. It sounds as if you and your spouse have been thru a lot. She appears to be a great support to you. I am following you now, so keep me updated to your life.! Great hub on a misunderstood and mysterious diease.


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