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Phobias, Terrors and Fears. What are You Afraid of?

Updated on August 10, 2015
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at | Source

Top 10 Most Common Phobias

Fear is a potentially sickening and destroying feeling in our lives. We can be dominated and constricted by this emotion, sometimes unable to shake it for hours on end. The thing about fear is that it makes us feel small, powerless even.

The things we thought we could do, the bravery we used to have, it disappears with it. Getting it back after being stricken with panic is quite a difficult task as well. Sometimes being swallowed by the horrors that haunt us changes us, makes us unable to live as we used to. As much as it is considered normal that we feel it every now and then, too much of this feeling can cause emotional misery.

When a fear on a specific matter, animal, or object gives us a panic attack and severe anxiety it is called a phobia. Because everyone is different and the same, most of us share the same fears but also have separate, abnormal or unusual ones.

When facing the matter, the patient suffering from the phobia will completely break down since their brain cannot understand it is in no real danger or that it should at the very least calm down. Instead our heart beats rise, we lose our breath and try to hide or get away from what is producing the horror as quickly as we can.

As much as I would like to talk about every single phobia known to man right now, I thought it best to start with the most common ones. These are shared by many, and even the ones not suffering from it will understand why it is that others fear it so much. The unusual or less common phobias are just as real and damaging to a person as these but are more irrational and rare. The top ten most common phobias are:

1. Arachnophobia:

This is the tremendous fear of spiders. It really does not matter the size too. All kinds, as long as they look as the big legged, hairy monstrosities to a person, they will shriek and wish it to be gone as soon as possible. Some people do have worse panic attacks depending on the specific type while others are neutral on the matter. Women tend to have this phobia more than men but the men affected are quite a big number as well.

2. Agoraphobia:

Usually produced at a young age, this fear is that of the situations or spaces that are difficult to get away from. Sometimes the underlying effect on people going through this is trying to stay at home all the time, keeping interaction at a minimum and having utmost control where they feel the safest. People with panic attacks tend to have this phobia the most, especially if they were really shy beforehand.

3. Social phobia:

Beginning to raise in numbers with the society standards, this is the fear of being in an embarrassing situation in front of people. This includes things like public speaking, being singled out, eating at a public restaurant or being the center of attention in general. This phobia is generally connected to having a slightly severe anxiety and stress disorder.

Overcoming Social Phobia
Overcoming Social Phobia

Does being on a date, at a job interview, or at a party make you anxious, shaky, and on edge? Do you get sweaty palms, heart palpitations, tremors, dry mouth at social events? Is the mere thought of these situations so terrifying that you've stopped trying? Or that you're thinking about giving up?

You're not alone. Millions of people suffer from the same debilitating anxiety that you are dealing with. They are also fighting, sometimes daily, with the rise of panic that comes with interacting with others--and they don't know where to turn.

The good news is that you don't have to give in. Social phobia is treatable and beatable. Overcoming Social Phobia provides comprehensive information about social phobia treatment options, both medical and alternative.


4. Acrophobia:

The fear of heights, being too high off the ground will trigger an unreasonable state of panic and terror to anyone facing this phobia. Vertigo is connected with it quite a lot since many feel like everything is spinning if they are really high up but the two things are not the same.

5. Claustrophobia:

Most common in women again, this fear is about being in a very tight or enclosed space. Feeling trapped and without space to breath, developing after a traumatic experience where one was unable to move for very long. At times when in these situations, people will try their best to escape and run for a great deal of time.

6. Astraphobia:

The fear of thunder and lighting, it also begins at a very young age. It goes untreated for very long as well since people just choose to ignore it since it does not thunder every day but this could drive someone insane with fright, especially if the thunder is approaching them slowly.

7. Mysophobia:

Related to being obsessive compulsive and at times a hypochondriac, this is the irrational fear of germs or dirty places. Many suffering from this fear do not get a panic attack if given time to wash repeatedly. This is not healthy either since they will cleanse until there is nothing left.

8. Trypanophobia:

The unpleasant fear that keeps many from going to the doctor, it is the phobia of needles. People suffering from it will always attempt to stay away from hospital or triggers as long as they can, sometimes causing other infections and illnesses to go unchecked and only grow worse.

9. Cynophobia:

Particularly common in anyone that has worked as a mailman or selling things from door to door, this is the fear of dogs. Being terrified of canines after a traumatic accident or several terrible encounters, no kind of assurance that they don't bite will get someone to calm down if suffering from this phobia.

10. Necrophobia:

A strong fear that crawls on many shoulders and whispers lightly into our ears, this is the fear of death itself. Since it is a trigger whoever suffers from the phobia cannot escape. It causes panic and anxiety that is highly debilitating and will leave many lying in their beds day after day trying to avoid any dangers.

Now that we have discussed the most common of fears that many of us understand and/or share, we have to commit to hearing the good news. Treatment to all of these is available. Fear, as dangerous and life consuming as it is is just an emotion. Just as such, we can fight it with perseverance, positive thoughts and trained professional therapists. Exposing ourselves to that which we fear most, embracing it and letting it and us know that we cannot be harmed by it is the ultimate and best kind of therapy.

There are medicines and alternate ways of dealing with this, all with their different ways of exposure and self-help so decisions will be bountiful and many will be able to take something they are comfortable with. The fight with phobias is a continuing struggle but we cannot let it consume us. This world is not meant to harm us, as filled with dangers as it may be. We are here to enjoy it thoroughly and should not let anything stop us from doing so.


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    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady Gonz├ílez 

      3 years ago

      Hi AudreyHowitt,

      I am afraid of heights too! Pair that with frogs and I'm done for.


    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 

      3 years ago from California

      I am right there--#4 on your list!


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