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Physical Fitness Will Lead To Mental Alertness

Updated on May 14, 2011

Most of us know that regular exercises and eating nutritious food are the secrets for physical fitness. But, we may not know that these are good for mental fitness also. Especially, today's leaders and managers need to be mentally alert to face the stiff competition that is rampant in every field. That is the reason these people are advised to eat well, that too, on time and exercise regularly. Since their services are highly needed in their chosen fields, they can not afford to lag behind because if they are mentally not alert, they will be easily surpassed by their competitors.

Experts have done extensive research and found out that regular exercises promote physical, mental and emotional well-being and so, the performance of these leaders and managers will become more efficient if they do regular exercises. Another important point is that doing these regular exercises should be an ongoing process and the minimum duration of exercises for these people as advised by experts is one hour per day.

If these people fail to follow this routine, they may fall ill more quickly than other normal people because they face more tension and stress than them. The problem is if they fall ill, they may be forced to take rest for more number of days, which will prove to be very costly for them. Instead of facing such a situation, they can better do their exercises and keep themselves fit and healthy.

The fitness regimen advised for these managers and leaders should consist of those exercises that use all the three systems of the body namely, the cardiovascular system, the muscular and skeletal system and the venous system. This will help them to combat stress and tension and they can also be mentally alert. Cardiovascular exercises help them to have a good blood circulation, exercises using muscles and bones will improve their endurance levels and strength-training and agility exercises will improve their flexibility. They will be less prone to injuries and they can have a fast healing from injuries, even if they sustain any.

In addition to doing exercises regularly, they should take care of the foods they eat. They should switch to foods that contain unsaturated carbohydrates, fresh fruits, vegetables and fish instead of junk foods, processed foods and oily and spicy foods.

If these people follow this advice, their mental and physical fitness will improve phenomenally. This will happen secretly and in a subtle manner. Experts say that the mitochondria of these people will increase and this will help them in being alert both physically and mentally.


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    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      Mental is a scientific equation.Spirituality of intellect is a biblical term.Big difference.