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Physician's 'X'ample ?!

Updated on February 15, 2011
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Truthseeker by bith I strive hard to alert people to keep off the distortive disinformation

The true Physician truly represents the God

In India, meeting a bogus doc is just round the corner. The real shame is that some of them excel many of the authorized ones by the way the greedy , mindless and inhuman medical practitioners on prowl hook the lay patient up .

Most of the activity in this profession is just illegal .Admission to medical colleges is a gloomy enterprise . Nasty interests of influential individuals thrive .If you purchase medical seat for millions of dollars , what will be the sort of medical ethics that you put into your practice?

Many hospitals are butcher's shops .Every replaceable organs can be stolen and sold . Many of the racketeers function under the disguise of missionary and charitable roles .

If you go to a doctor unassisted by a proper lab, imaging facilities or clinical instrumentation he invariably overdose you with any medicine handy to subside the symptoms in no time, just to impress you at your risk.If the patient is gullible he may dare to sell the physician's sample drugs to loot money.

On the other , hundred percent of the equipped hospitals can't help hiding their greed by robbing patients through thoroughly irrelevant tests, tomography and medication.

People too unfortunately are unmindful of healthy lifestyles and inclined to fall pray to the hi-tech fraud of medical enterprise .

Some pharmaceutical companies don't even hesitate to run the tricky business of redistributing expired medicines!

Wisdom and rationale must be reinstated into the disciplines and practices of holy medicine.


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