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Pick Up The Pieces And Get Out of Denial

Updated on August 12, 2013

Why are we so much in fear of change in our lives? Are we afraid to go out into the world without our crutch to lean on, or is it just that we have given up on ourselves?

We need to be able to pick up the pieces and get out of denial and start a new life. As hard as it might seem it can be done with the right frame of mind and the willingness to do so.

While addicted, we live in a world of make believe and the surrounding world is not in existence to us. We live and breath our alcohol demons and have started a somewhat relationship with then, such as a relationship with a spouse. This is sad to say but so very true.

Some of us even put our addiction in front of everything, including our family and friends.

When we see our world start to fall to pieces, "as I did" is when we better start to take action to change it quickly before it's too late. As the addiction takes hold of us more and more each day it makes it even harder to come out from under it.

Don't waste any more time if you truly want change, and to live in that life of sobriety again. Pick up all those broken pieces and start to put them back together again just like you would a puzzle. Sometimes it is hard to find where that one piece goes in the puzzle, but as you keep working on it and looking for where that piece goes it will be found and put in it's right place.

The same goes in life. You will find where the missing pieces go. It might take some time, but it will happen. After all, it took time to break your life into pieces, and will take time to put it back together. Nothing is a overnight fix, but if you keep working on it, everything will fall into place in time, and you will see that the puzzle is totally together and all in one piece.

Get out of denial and make that change in your life and see just how your life will start to come back together just as the puzzle did.

I thought to myself, so many people and famous people at that, have walked away from their addictions and started a new so why am I any different. Anyone can pick up their pieces and stand tall again if you chose to do so.

Life is so precious so why do we abuse it so bad with an addiction that can really be avoided by us.  We need to have the power and strength and overcome our demons and take control of our lives again.

Think with a Positive Attitude and you will be able to achieve anything in your life including regaining your sobriety back and start to live the clean life again. 

                             WOULD YOU PICK UP ONE OF THESE PIECES? 

© 2010 Mark Bruno


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