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Pick your poison part 2

Updated on March 7, 2017

The taste

When I first experienced the taste of beer, I didn't like it at all. I did however enjoy the nice buzz that followed. I was determined to find a beer that was of great taste, one that I could sit on the couch and drink like Homer Simpson. Hey, everyone relaxes in different ways and beer became a nice tool to relax with, not only that I noticed it helped me to sleep better. In this article we will talk about a few beers that have great taste at a good price. Would you ever drink a warm beer? I've never tried this but I know people who would rather drink it warm than to see it go to waste. Is beer more potent than other forms of alcohol? Beer probably has the lowest alcohol content compared to liquors and wines.


Belly fat

For years I have heard that beer has an effect on your belly fat. Giving you an appearance of having a "beer belly" I wondered how true these words were, so upon doing some research, I found the following things. A pint of regular beer is over two hundred calories,while a light beer is a little over one hundred calories. So when considering calories it's important to consider your alcohol intake as well. Also, since beer is high in sugar and can spike your blood sugar level,once you have had a few it will make you want to eat. So it's not really the beer but the effects that the beer has on you that can cause extra weight. If your not eating properly or exercising you may have a beer belly and have never touched beer. Beer is probably the least effective in terms of getting someone drunk. Most people bypass it because of the calories and taste. Beer can also be a good addition to food, such as Brats and other sausages.


A nation of flavors

There is beer made from all around the world. You could really have a multicultural parade with beer alone.Location of where it's made is a factor, but the flavors are unlimited as well. Malt versus hops,wheat, ales, dark's lights. It's so many to choose from, I happen to love an assortment of beers that I will list from most favorite to least. Sam Adams cherry wheat, as soon as I tasted it I was in love, the alcohol content is a nice 5.4% and you can really taste the cherry notes. Blue Moon, the original wheat flavor and I must specify because I've seen so many other flavors that are great as well. This beer goes great with an orange slice. The alcohol content is 5.4% and usually depending on where you buy, you can purchase the six packs for less than eight dollars. Red stripe, is a great Jamaican beer, that has its own unique taste. Guinness, I love this beer for it's chocolate and caramel notes. It;s a dark beer and some feel it is an acquired taste. It's best served on tap.Then comes Corona, corona is ok with a slice of lime. Lastly, I enjoy Heineken, Heineken is usually the beer I will drink when nothing else is around. I feel the taste is less sweeter than the other beers I like.

Give me tap any day.


Bottle vs Tap vs Can

Now, I'm not sure if its just me but I have noticed a better buzz when I have a beer from the tap. The buzz I receive from can or bottle I can't really tell the difference,but a couple of people have said that they like the can buzz better. They feel like the beer is fresher because it's been sealed in the can. Tap beer has given me more of instant buzz that I've noticed every time I've ordered a beer from tap. The reason that beer on tap is stronger is because it is backed my more injections of CO2. Also,some bottled beers can actually be aged like wine, the darker ones that are more" hoppy". So that is something to consider when choosing your favorite beer. What ever flavor you choose, just remember to drink responsibly.


So many to pick from

What's your favorite beer?

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