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Why Take Pilates Classes? What Are The Health Benefits?

Updated on January 22, 2012

Pilates Classes are a great way to get in shape, as a holistic programme that strengthens the body, increases flexibility, and relaxes the mind. Pilates involves a much gentler workout than lifting weights or jogging, placing less stress and strain on the joints.

This system helps to improve posture, decreases the likelihood of other injuries and strengthens the link between body, mind, and spirit, giving you a much greater awareness of your body and helping you develop precision and balance.

Because of this holistic approach, Pilates is growing in popularity amongst sportspeople as a way to stave off the threat of serious injury, but it is gentle enough to be used by anyone, even pregnant women and seniors.

Why Take Pilates Classes?

Taking a course of Pilates classes will build fitness and tone muscles gradually, improving posture, defining muscle tone, and building up strength without adding too much bulk. You will work every single part of your body in a Pilates class rather than target a single muscle group to the detriment of the others. In comparison to the high-impact ways of keeping fit, Pilates carries very little risk of suffering injuries such as muscle strains and joint problems.

Pilates is great for burning up the calories, helping you to get rid of excess fat while you strengthen your muscles, and the routines encourage you to move much more gracefully. Pilates courses start by showing you how to align your spine, concentrating upon strengthening the muscles and ligaments that hold it in place, helping you to avoid the back aches and neck pain associated with poor posture.

Pilates is more than just an exercise programme: The Pilates instructor will show you how to control your breathing and focus your concentration, as part of a holistic relaxation programme aimed at uniting the body and mind. Pilates perfectly blends introspective relaxation techniques with a full body work out, contributing to a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

What Are The Benefits of Pilates?

Some of the benefits of joining Pilates Classes are:

  • Suitability: Pilates is suitable for a wide range of people, from beginners to professional sportspeople, and including pregnant women and seniors. The classes are closely matched to suit an individual’s own physical and mental ability, allowing them to progress at their own rate.
  • Body Strength: Pilates increase muscle strength and definition without adding too much bulk
  • Holistic Approach: Rather than concentrating upon specific areas, Pilates adopts treats the body as a whole, building up every muscle group. This holistic approach also includes mental techniques such as improving concentration and inner focus, improving the interface between body and mind and helping you to banish stress.
  • Suppleness and Flexibility: Pilates improves joint mobility, making you flexible and lithe.
  • Posture Improvement: Pilates is a great way to improve bad posture, making you much more aware of your body and showing you how to keep everything aligned. Pilates targets the core muscles in the back and abdomen responsible for maintaining the correct posture.
  • Weight Loss: A good Pilates session burns calories, helping you get rid of that stubborn excess weight.
  • Increased Energy: Pilates improves your energy levels, making you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.
  • Easy to Learn: Unlike some of the eastern disciplines, which require a lot of time to learn, the principles of Pilates are simple and can be picked up easily, allowing you to benefit straightaway.

Sign Up For Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes are a great way to build up strength, improve posture, and create mental wellbeing. Whether you are a sportsperson wishing to improve strength and flexibility to help avoid injury, or you are a new mum wanting to regain your pre-pregnancy figure, Pilates can make all of the difference. Ultimately, signing up for Pilates classes will give you an easy, enjoyable way of keeping the body and mind fit, active, and healthy.


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    • stwcar profile image

      stwcar 7 years ago

      I have encouraged my under 15 Cricket team to attend Pilates Sessions to improve their core strength and to hopefully reduce injuries next season.